Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Photos By Tim

Tim is studying to be a professional photographer. He's working very hard at it. Even before this educational adventure,though,  he was already very good at it. He's been going through his photos and finding past ones that might be good for his portfolio.

Here's one of our favorite Australian photos.

If anyone wants to see more of his Australian photos, here are links to....

1. Photos of Manly, The Rocks, and some other stuff.

2. Photos of Hyde Park and other Sydney places.

3. Photos of Wildlife Sydney, the Sydney Wax Museum, Sydney Opera House, etc.

4. Photos of Healesville.

5. Photos of the Melbourne Museum, Science Works, and other places around Melbourne

6. Photos of Dalysford

7. Photos of Melbourne Aquarium and the Queen Victoria Market

8. Photos of Halls Gap