Friday, September 26, 2014

Things that Lead Us To Dr. Who

This morning I went on Flickr and saw that someone else had favorited my photo of a Home and Away photo.  The last time this happened, and I went to see who favorited the photo, I ended up spending a long time looking at photos by a man who collects dolls. I wondered if again I'd end up with someone so fascinating.

So....I followed the link to the 2nd person who favorited, and was so excited to see his first picture. It's Dr. Who toys!  And on his photostream, he has four other Dr. Who photos.

I'm so obsessed with Dr. Who right now.

There used to be this guy named Craig who'd either comment on my blog, or he read my blog and we talked on Facebook. He was a big Dr. Who fan, and I loved that about him...though I never watched the show myself.  I wanted to see what the fuss was all about though. I was too lazy to try to find the show and watch it, so instead I bought a few Dr. Who books.

I liked the books, but didn't love them. Let's just say they didn't drag me into the fandom.

A year or so ago, I had a renewed interest because of David Tennant. When David Morrisey was on The Walking Dead, I started watching videos from Blackpool which also feature Tennant. I thought he was adorable. I wanted to watch him in Dr. Who. I guess the need, though, wasn't dire. Or I was so busy with other shows. It took a long time to go from we-should-watch-Dr.-Who to actually watching it.

Actually, it was more about coordinating it with the rest of the family. I kept suggesting it as our family show. Jack wasn't interested. Then he became interested, but wanted to watch it alone. He needed a show to replace Glee.  Jack quit, though, after watching the Charles Dickens episode. Then months later, Tim and I needed a new show, so we finally tried Dr. Who. We were okay with the first couple episodes. Tim slept through the Charles Dickens episode and I was bored. We considered quitting. But we gave it another chance, and I became super obsessed. And now Jack is back to watching as well.

Though I thought David Tennant is adorable, I was avoiding reading about him. I figured he'd be one of those people who are part of a cult phenomena, but aren't fond of it themselves.  I thought he'd be one of those who looked down at the fans. Then I saw a post on Twitter that led me to learn that David Tennant's been a huge fan of Dr. Who since he was a preschooler. And that's what made him want to be an actor.  I totally love that. It warms my heart. It reminds me of Evanna Lynch. She was a huge crazed Harry Potter fan, and then she became one of the stars of the movies.

I think in general...I prefer people who are huge fans of things. The fandom people. They're my peeps.