Monday, September 22, 2014

Websites Listed in My Favorite Bathroom Book (Part 3)

It's time to look at another website featured in my favorite bathroom book.

Today I'm going to be looking at a restaurant. It's called Restaurant Two, and it's in Brisbane.

Their website says Restaurant Two is an award-winning fine dining type place.

It's located at 2 Edward Street. Two. I bet that's how they got their name.

I'm looking at the restaurant on Google Maps. It's right near the City Botanical Gardens, and very close to a big river. What river is that? Is it Brisbane River?

Yes. I just Googled and got the answer. It is Brisbane River. Cool.

The front page of Restaurant Two is their news page.

The latest piece of news is that the restaurant is going to be offering lunch. I guess usually they don't? For $35 dollars you get lunch and dessert. In terms of fine dining, that doesn't sound too bad to me. But I don't do a lot of fine dining. And it could be one of those times where you get a tiny piece of pretty food that maybe tastes amazing, but not necessarily.

Their food IS probably good, though. Restaurant Two recently won Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year from the Restaurant and Catering Awards.  Here's a list of all the Queensland winners. They have a lot of categories, which I think is pretty cool.

Back to the news...

For $130 they have a wedding package. You get a main dish, dessert, canap├ęs, and a four hour beverage special.  I'm guessing they mean $130 per guest. But I'm not sure.

Here's the menu page for their site. It has a variety of menus you can download.  The first menu on the list is their September Menu. I'm guessing that's the main one.

It is quite pricey. The starters range from $28-32 dollars. For me, that price freaks me out when I see it as the price for the main dish. That's usually the time I end up having an appetizer for dinner.

Their main dishes here range from $35-45 dollars. What I like is that the vegetarian dish is the $35 dollar one. I don't get what it is, though. It says mushroom+watercress+ketchup+hazelnuts+Asparagus.  I don't like mushrooms or ketchup, so I'm doubting I'd like this thing.

It looks like they have some vegetarian starters. One's beetroot+chocolate+licorice+cumin.  That sounds quite out there. I wonder if I'd like it.

Their desserts are quite interesting. Beetroot pops up again in a dish that also includes strawberry, chocolate, and licorice.

Then there's a dessert that's described as peach fool+saffron+gingerbread+thyme.

I don't know if the food here tastes good, but it's certainly not boring.

I bet most of it does taste good, though.

If I had a lot of money and I was going to spend it on fine dining, I'd rather eat here than a place that has the same type of food I can get elsewhere but for a much lower price.

The booking page of the Restaurant Two site gives their opening days.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you can get lunch or dinner. On Saturday, you can get dinner, but not lunch. On Sunday and Money they are open for private bookings only.

Here's Restaurant Two's wedding and events page.  There's one area which allows for forty guests and another that fits two hundred.

I think at our wedding we had about a hundred guests. I think both my sister's had more.

The website has a gallery of wedding photos.

It looks nice; though I prefer our Disney Wedding.

The about page of the Restaurant Two website says they've been around for fifteen years. Although I don't know when that was written.

The chef there is named David Pugh. This restaurant website has a profile for him.  He was born in New Zealand.

The profile says Pugh is known for his down to earth attitude and approach to food.  I don't know.  To me, down to earth food is a big plate of macaroni and cheese.  The stuff I saw on the Restaurant Two menu didn't seem at all down to earth to me. And that's not a bad thing. There's a place and time for weird fancy stuff.

Pugh is into using Queensland produce. That makes sense. I wouldn't expect otherwise.

His love of cooking began when he was seven. He would cook his parents breakfast in bed. That's very sweet!

Pugh has worked at other restaurants. One of them was a place called Two Small Rooms.  It seems to still be open. But maybe it has a different chef now.

Ah! There's an interview with Pugh here. They ask how he'd describe his food. He says, My technique is classical French, but I use produce that’s far more varied than traditional French cooking. My style marries old world technique with beautiful modern produce, which I think is the embodiment of Modern Australian. I think that's a more apt description of his food than down to earth!

His most important ingredient is butter.

I like butter.

Although often we use margarine.

Here's another article about Pugh. It's from July 2014, and it says Restaurant Two has been open for fifteen years. So...the website is nice and current.

I'm looking on Flickr for photos of Restaurant Two.  A guy named Charles Haynes has a whole album for the restaurant.  Haynes is a food blogger, though he hasn't updated since April 2013.

I'm going to look at his photos of Restaurant Two.

Here's the table setting. It's complicated. I would need to look at an etiquette website before eating there.

Here's some butter.

Here's the bread you can use with the butter.

I guess Restaurant Two doesn't like using salt shakers.  Maybe Pugh had one of those bad experiences where he went to salt his food, and someone previously had loosened the top of the shaker.

And here's some garlic bread.

Here's small piece of fig and prosciutto.   I'm wondering if that would be on the snacks section of the menu or the starters. Either way, we're dealing with a price between $6 and $32.  It looks like it's one fig wrapped up with a slice of meat.  For something like that, I think it makes much more sense to make it for yourself at home.

I'm looking at the other food photos. I'm not going to comment on everything. I'll just say in general it doesn't look down to earth. At all. The portions look quite small, so best to come here when you're feeling fancy rather than hungry.  That being said, huge portions are not a really good idea either.  Well, no. They're definitely not a good idea. It's actually quite awful.

I like moderate portions for reasonable prices.

Here's a photo of one of Restaurant Two's dessert's. It's tiny. I would want more than that. I don't want a dessert I can finish in one bite. On the other hand, Tim, Jack, and I have shared desserts so big, we couldn't finish it between the three of us. And we were still horribly full.   We got this sundae at Dylan's Candy Bar this summer. It was really like they gave us a huge cup of various chocolate candies and then put a little ice-cream in it. It was delicious, but disgusting.

 I'm wondering, as I conclude this post, would I want to eat here? Definitely not with my current financial status. And I don't see that improving anytime soon. I get nervous at restaurants with much lower prices than this. For example, in NYC, I was bothered when we had to pay $15 for a hamburger.

If I was wealthy? I think I wouldn't mind trying it. I would just eat a big lunch that day.

I'm getting into a mode though where I much prefer eating at home. I think part of the reason is I'm vegetarian, and I have more options here.

What I'd probably like most is eating at Restaurant Two for dessert. Desserts are usually vegetarian, and I like trying unique sweet things. Though that doesn't apply to goat cheese ice-cream. They had that in Austin, and I wasn't interested.