Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Writing Down My Dream about Julia Leigh

Last night I decided I would do today's post on the writer Julia Leigh. I guess that was important to my subconscious for some reason, because I had all sorts of dreams about it. I decided I'm going to share some of them here...edited versions, probably.

One thing I should add is, I'm not sure if I had her name right in the dream.  I think I was saying her name as Julia Light or Julia Wright. I went to the bookshelf this morning to find her correct name and was kind of surprised it was Julia Leigh. But for the purpose of my dream-telling, I'm just going to go ahead and use her correct name.

Anyway...here is some of the dream.

1. I wake up in the middle of the night and start working on my Julia Leigh post. For some reason, I'm working on it in the bedroom. I worry about waking up Tim. Then he does wake up, maybe because I have too many lights on. Or I turned the wrong light on. He's not too groggy and advises me on how to turn off the right lights. 

2. We're at some building and there's some Australian celebrity—maybe a singer who used to be popular. It's like he has cooties. I was near him, and now I worry about that. Or I'm bothered by it.

(It sort of felt like Minecraft though—how you can walk through another player. I think that's what happened. I walked through this celebrity and then felt he was infected somehow)

I go to this auditorium like room. They're having some kind of Home and Away event. Some of the actors sit in the audience. Greg Benson (Matt) sits right next to me. They start talking about him, or his character, up on stage. Benson quietly tells me he's not planning to go up there and/or participate. Then these women begin to complain about my presence there. Apparently the whole thing was set up for people on welfare, and since I'm not on welfare, I should leave.  I decide not to fight it and I leave.

Then the dream was mildly lucid. I decide I should use this time to find a Julian—either Julian McMahon or another Julian. It seemed important to find both of them, but I felt I had to choose one. I chose Julian McMahon, and I felt this desperate need to find him. But I also had doubts it would ever happen. I asked the invisible gods-of-dreams people for their help.  They helped me fly through the air—kind of like dragging me to where I wanted to go. But it was all so slow. I felt we'd never reach the right destination, and I started wondering if the dreamworld has shortcuts.  (I think that part was very Dr. Who inspired).

3. I start writing down my dream. Instead of typing it on a computer, I write each part of the dream in a different section of a building. I write it on small papers and tape them to the walls. My mom warns me that Julia Leigh might end up finding the post and reading about herself. I'm fine with this, but I'm wondering if I should put a warning on the post that she's really not in the dream that much; just in the very beginning.  

There were two other dreams about me writing down the dream, but I'll skip describing those. There was also a dream about Carly Morris, but I'm confused about the details. It was something like we were watching her last scene together; ither Carly Morris or the actress who played her. I think she was bothered by her last scene and was maybe complaining about it? I'm not sure.

I'm always a bit hesitant about writing down any of my dreams, because I think dreams are boring to most people. I would assume most people skip reading these posts. But I guess I write them in the small hope that one day someone will come along who's fascinated by dreams. Maybe some kind of expert. And they'll sit there and give me a free analysis. Or at least they'll find the dreams interesting.