Friday, October 31, 2014

Dodgem Cars on House Husbands

I just finished watching an episode of House Husbands.

The characters go to an amusement park and they ride the dodgem cars together. We have those in the US too, but we call them bumper cars. In my experience with bumper cars, you give the attendant your ticket; you pick a car; you ride around and bump into people; the ride ends; and you exit.

It didn't happen that way on House Husbands.  The characters rode around; then the ride stopped and the attendant ordered everyone to get out and pick a new car. Then the ride started again.

I'm wondering. Is that typical Australian dodgem culture? Or was it done that way just for the plot of the show?


  1. Funnily tomorrow's post mentions dodgems and as far as I know, you just crash into each other, but not too hard or you will told off by the attendant.

  2. Andrew,

    Saw your post...haven't read it all yet. I will later....

    I'm thinking the House Husband Dodgem thing was done for the purpose of the plot. Probably.