Friday, October 3, 2014

Kenton Chen

This has nothing to do with Australia. Well, except that it's about my blog and my blog is about Australia. So I guess there IS a connection there.

Anyway, for the past few months, I keep seeing Kenton Chen's website on my stats provided by Google. It's like every few days someone comes to my blog from Kenton Chen's website.

Who is Kenton Chen? He's a musician that was part of a group featured on The Sing Off.

I can't figure out why his website is leading people to my blog. I did write a comment once. Maybe twice. But it wasn't the kind of compelling comment that would make people want to see who wrote it. I can imagine getting a visitor from the comment maybe once a year but not multiple times a week.  

Now I can't even see the comment. I can't really see anything on the site. I thought that was because Kenton Chen changed his site, deleting most of it. But now I'm thinking it's because I'm not logged into Word Press. It keeps telling me to log in.  

Still. I don't know why my blog is telling me it's getting visitors from his site. Maybe it's a mistake, which makes sense. Though it's strange for the same mistake to keep repeating itself.  

In news that IS about Australia....

Yesterday the mail carrier gave us the wrong package. It was supposed to go to our neighbor. It was from Australia.

It's kind of cruel for the universe to send us a package from Australia that's not for me, and we don't get to keep it.


  1. Sorry I shouldn't laugh. . . But that issue about the parcel was kind of funny! LOL! The world works in mysterious ways! Maybe you just needed a reminder about us all the way down here :)

  2. Alex,

    How dare you laugh!!!

    No. I'm joking. You can laugh at my horrible misfortune.

    Maybe you're right about the reminder. I can't say I've forgotten all of you guys down there. But maybe I needed to be reminded about my crazy love for Australia.