Monday, October 20, 2014

Living a Long Life

I just saw that Gough Whitlam has died.

I can't say I'm sad, because he was 98. How can dying at that age be sad? Especially when his wife has gone before him. Now Mr. and Mrs. Whitlam can be together.

It would have been cool if he lived to 100. Just for the fun of it. I bet there would have been an awesome party.

I guess there will be a kind of end-of-an-era sadness.

I'm thinking Whitlam lived the longest out of all the Prime Ministers. I don't think any of them made it past age 100.

I'm consulting Lord Wiki now. He says I'm right. Whitlam lived the longest.

Three others lived into their 90's—John Gorton, Frank Forde, and William Hughes.

Right now, Australia has seven living Prime Ministers. Maybe one of them will live to 100.

In memory of Whitlam, here is a song about Whitlam by the Whitlams.

And Whitlam is referred to in this wonderful song

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