Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mismatched Love

On my episode of All Saints today,  the nursing staff learn that Dr. Luke and Nurse Bron are having some romance together.  Bron is very pleased to have their relationship become public. Why? She's excited and happy that they're together. Dr. Luke isn't so happy. Why? He's secretly in love with another nurse—Stephanie. And Stephanie loves him back. They could get together if it weren't for the fact that Stephanie is married to someone else.

There was a painful scene towards the end of the episode where Bron is thrilled about going on a ski trip with Luke.  Luke appears much less thrilled. It's obvious he wishes he was going with Stephanie instead. 

I wonder if Bron notices that Luke is much less excited than she is.  Is she so busy being excited that she doesn't notice he's less excited than her? Or does she notice, but she tries her best to ignore it?

Bron is adorable. There's nothing lacking about her. I personally think she's cuter than Stephanie.  If I could reach out and talk to fictional characters, I'd tell her to find another man. Why waste her time with Luke? She should find someone who totally adores her. She's definitely worth it. But then I thought about it. She's probably very attracted to Luke. She has strong feelings for him. What happens when we have strong feelings for someone, and they're willing to go out with us? Maybe they're not passionate about us, but they're willing to give it a go.  How many of us would say, no thanks. I'm going to wait until I find someone who really loves me...A LOT

What if we do say that and wait? What if someone shows up and they're madly in love with us? What if they think we're absolutely wonderful, and then we don't feel that about them.

How often are people madly in love with someone who loves them that much back?

Well, I actually think it's impossible for two people to love each other exactly evenly.  But sometimes it's probably very close. 

You know....the problem is, that out of the people who love each other almost equally, many of them are likely in Stephanie and Luke's situation. They can't get together because one of them is already taken.  Well, I guess they can, actually.  There's the whole forbidden love thing.   

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