Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rove McManus on Twitter

Today I was looking at Twitter and saw that Rove McManus was there on the little recommended accounts sidebar thing—Who To Follow.

I looked at his account, and I'm very impressed.  Yeah...I like to judge celebrity Twitter accounts. 

I've decided Rove McManus's account is fantastic.

First of all, he's very conversational.  Most of his Tweets are responses to other people's Tweets. This, to me, is extremely important.

Second. Though he does some bit of promoting of his own projects, it doesn't dominate his account. He Tweets about many other things. He Retweets, but his Retweets are often about things besides his own work.  

His most recent Retweet was about donating to a telethon.  A few days ago, he Retweeted something about endangered dolphins.

The most wonderful and important thing about the Rove McManus Twitter account is there are several Tweets about Doctor Who. So that has totally won me over. 

He recently responded to a fan by saying, Is that nerd bigger on the inside?  She had Tweeted, You make my inner nerd oh so happy. And one of the hashtags is #TARDISsocks.  I guess maybe Rove wore TARDIS socks somewhere?

There's a conversation with a fan involving River Song and Fezzes. 

He has a conversation with DoctorWhoAustralia's Twitter. It's about someone doing a marriage proposal in a a Tardis. 

And he has posted a photo of a Dalek TV shirt. 

It's all wonderful.

Yesterday I bought what I thought was my first Doctor Who purchase. I was so excited I posted it on Instagram. 

What did I buy? John Barrowman's autobiography. It's my early birthday present. I bought it because I was suddenly obsessively curious about why he speaks in a Scottish accent when talking to his Scottish parents. I hope he'll talk about that in his book. But if not....I'm sure the other stuff will be interesting as well. And I totally adore that guy, anyway.

I am very curious about the accent thing, though. If anyone reading this happens to have a different accent than their parents, I'd love it if you'd leave a comment about that. I'd love to know if you switch back to your parent's accent when talking to them. 


After bragging about it on Instagram, I remembered that a few years ago I bought a couple of Doctor Who books. Before I was a fan. Because I wanted to be a fan.  It didn't work. The books didn't win me over. But eventually....Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, John Barrowman and a little kid in a gas mask would do that for me.

This post was supposed to be about Rove McManus. I'm totally off on a tangent here.

Who am I kidding? You know I was just using the guy as an excuse to talk about Doctor Who.

But still. I AM very pleased and impressed with the the Rove McManus Twitter account.  He seems like a wonderful person...or at least he is in the Twitterverse. 

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