Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sharks and Crocodiles

I had dreams about Australia last night.

Here's one of them.

I learn that, in the future someone plans to kill me by giving me to a shark. I get this idea that the way to prevent this is to come face to face with every shark before this. I need to look into its eyes and that way, in the future, it won't want to kill me.

I'm wondering, what's a safe way to come face to face with sharks? One thing that comes to me is, I can go on one of those tours where you meet Great White Sharks while safely tucked away in a glass cage.  But I'm not sure they have those in Sydney. (This is where I learned the setting of my dream).

Later I'm in a crowded pool. I see a shark, and it starts chasing me and someone else. We rush to get out of the pool, feeling we'll be safe once we are out of the water.

But when we get out of the water, I look more closely at the shark. It's not a shark. It's a large crocodile. We run, and the crocodile follows us. I'm thinking that the farther we are from water, the slower the crocodile will run.

Then we talk to someone and he ends up telling us that the crocodile isn't dangerous. He's friendly and doesn't hurt people.

That might explain why he was in a crowded pool, and no one was getting eaten.

I'm not sure why I dreamed that dream. It feels like maybe it should symbolize something. Actually, the themes kind of connect to another dream I had last night. It involved someone I don't get along with so well in real life. There's tension between us. But, in the dream, we started getting along really well.

So there's maybe a connecting theme—thinking of something or someone as dangerous or disliking them. But then it turns out they're not so bad after all. Or the relationship can end up being a good one.

That's kind of hopeful. I like that. 

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