Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Sound of Drums

I just learned, from Lord Wiki, about another Doctor Who-Australia connection.

The second to last episode of the 3rd season of Doctor Who is called "The Sound of Drums".   During the episode they play Rogue Trader's "Voodoo Child". I think it was at the end, maybe? Anyway...the song is in the album "Here Come the Drums". But then it was re-released in a 2011 album called "The Sound of Drums". 

When I heard the song, I didn't sit there and say That's Australian! Sometimes I'm confused when I hear songs I recognize. Is it an Australian song that I know only because I'm obsessed with Australia and have a massive Aussie Spotify list? Or is it a song that I know because it's been on American radios a lot, and most people here know the song.

When Lord Wiki mentioned the song, I did recognize the name Rogue Traders, and had a feeling they were Australian. I didn't recognize the song title. Before playing the song, I didn't know if it was something I'd recognize from the Spotify list, and whether or not I'd remember it being in the episode.

I then listened and DID recognize  it.  I saw it was on my Spotify list, and I think I remember it being on Doctor Who.

That being said, if I didn't read Lord Wiki's information, and I heard the song a few weeks late, I'm not sure I'd say Oh wow! That was on Doctor Who. At best, I'd probably scratch my head thinking, for some weird reason that song reminds me of Doctor Who.  

Here's a link to the Rogue Trader's video for Voodoo Child.  

Then YouTube has several fan made videos using the song.  

I'm going to watch a couple. 

I'm not sure which ones to watch.

Maybe I'll watch the one with the most views and then the one with the least.

This one by VinyaSparrow has over 70,000 views. 

I like the beginning with the 9th doctor dancing.

I also like the Teletubbies. That's cool.

Some of the other stuff feels a bit random.  

But a lot of it's good and fits well with the music—the explosions, the kiss, voodoo dolls, etc.

Oops. I didn't look at the most popular video. Now I see that there's one with 358,000 views.
Madgirl152 sticks to scenes from "The Sound of Drums" episode, plus it's prequel and sequel.  I kind of prefer that to the previous video that had mostly scenes from season three but then also threw in scenes from prior seasons. 

I do like seeing all the old clips, but I think since the song relates to "The Sound of Drums" episode, It's probably better to just use scenes from those episodes. 

I'm really bad at YouTube math. I found yet another video that has more than YinyaSparrow's video.  Oh well.

For now, I'm going to watch this video by Lilyandtherose. It has less than a thousand views. 

This one includes dialogue. I like that.

Like YinyaSparrow's video, it has scenes from a variety of seasons.  

It seems Lilyandtherose edits the scenes in a way that create dialogue between characters that didn't really happen. I think it's pretty clever. 

I think I like Lilyandtherose video the best, actually. And it's not just because I want to cheer on the underdog.

Really, though.  Lilyandtherose isn't much of an underdog. First of all, there's probably other Doctor Who-Voodoo Child videos with less views, and I'm not seeing them because I'm awful at YouTube math. And with 800+ views...well, that's more views than my videos get.  

We just ate dinner. Before we watch our nightly Doctor Who, I'm going to re-watch the video. I judged it before without actually giving it 100% of my attention (kind of irresponsible of me).

I still like it the second time around. Even though I complained about YinyaSparrow having scenes from a variety of seasons, with Lilyandtherose's video, I like it.  

I see scenes that I don't think I've seen before, so I guess we'll run into them as we continue watching season 4. 

I think a certain dead character comes back—maybe in an alternate reality type thing. I'm not just guessing. I've read a few spoilers...kind of accidentally. Not about the certain character returning, but I did read there's going to be an episode about an alternate reality. 


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