Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bridie Carter's Disturbing Storyline on All Saints

Bridie Carter is one of the guest stars of my episode of All Saints today. The character she plays is very different from Tess McLeod, and her storyline is quite troubling. She makes romantic advances towards Jared, one of the nurses. When Jared rejects her, she cries rape.

I think that's something that really scares me. What if one day I get accused of a horrible crime I didn't commit? What if it happens to someone I love? And worse...what if, because of the accusations, I start to doubt this person?  Maybe it's different when you know someone, and you can have some amount of faith that they're innocent. But then you can never know for sure. We might think we know someone, and maybe they hide their darkest parts from us.  

When it's someone I don't know...let's say a celebrity or maybe a new neighbor. The truth is even if they've been cleared, I'm still going to doubt them. I'm still going to wonder if they were wrongfully determined to be innocent. 

I think of what happened on All Saints. I saw the scenes with Jared and his patient. I know that the rape allegations are completely false. But what if I hadn't seen that? If I heard a story of a nurse raping a patient, and then the patient took back her accusations; a part of me would wonder. Did he really not rape her? Or did the staff pressure her to keep quiet? Maybe she was bribed? Maybe they bullied her into believing she was delusional.

The thing is. We often can never know the truth of what happened. That makes me nervous. I guess the only advice I can give myself is to keep an open mind and use critical thinking skills. Always remember that the way we're perceiving a situation can be completely wrong.  

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