Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Movie Trailers Featuring Famous Australians

I watched a few movie trailers today.

There's a new Peter Pan movie coming out: Pan. The villain is played by Hugh Jackman.

And then there's Cinderella.  The villain for that one is Cate Blanchett.

I wonder if either of them will be any good.

Cinderella doesn't look much different from the Disney animated movie, and it's made by Disney. It was filmed in the UK and directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Pan is not a Disney movie, but it too was filmed in the UK. It's not like the Disney animated story of Peter Pan. Nor does it look much like the JM Barrie book. It's a prequel.  From what I saw in the trailer, Hook isn't the bad guy. It's Blackbeard. And that's who Hugh Jackman plays.  He looks quite different from his usual self.

Has Hugh Jackman ever played a villain before? And what about Cate Blanchett?

I'm looking at Jackman's filmography. It's mostly filled with X-Men stuff. I think that takes up most of his time. There's Les Miserables too. I know he's not a villain in that.  As for the other things, some are somewhat familiar to me. He might be a villain in some of them them, but I don't think so. Maybe?

I'm less familiar with Cate Blanchett's work, so I don't know if she's a hero or villain in most of the movies listed.

Well, it looks like she was probably a villain in the latest Indiana Jones movie.

Then in the FUTURE...she's going to be a villain in a new version of The Jungle Book. Or at least I think she'll be a villain. She's Kaa, the snake. In the Disney version, from what I remember, he was at least dangerous. I'm not sure what he was like in the original story, and what he'll be like in this movie.

I'm saying he, but maybe in this version, Kaa is going to be a she.

I think the the main villain of The Jungle Book is Shere Khan, and that's going to be Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch.

It sounds like an interesting movie.

I don't imagine we'll see any of these movies in the theater, but if they get good reviews, we might rent them when they're out on DVD.

I'm horrible at seeing movies, though. I'm much more of a TV show person.