Monday, November 24, 2014

Statcounter Google Maps Game

I decided to play a game today, and turn it into a blog post, even though it might be a really bad blog post.

We'll see how it turns out.

Anyway, this is the game.  With Statcounter, I'm going to look at the next seven entities that visit my blog.  I'm going to plug their location into Google Maps, randomly choose a Street View image, and then decide if I'd want to live there, visit there, or avoid it all together.

Three notes before I begin. 1. It might not be exactly accurate, because locations given don't always actually match where people live. 2. I'm just judging the particular street I land on, and not the whole suburb, city, state, country, etc. 3. The places probably won't all be Australian.

So...let's see. What's first.

Boston Massachusetts!  I was going to list what post they visited. But I don't know. That kind of feels like an invasion of privacy. Or maybe it's not. I'm not sure. I'll leave it be for now, though.

I landed on New Broadway Bridge.  It doesn't look at all appealing to me. It's looks like one of those places, in which, if you're walking, it's very hard to find the place to cross the street. It's confusing. The red brick buildings don't excite me. So I'm going to choose avoid for this one.

Now I have to wait until someone else visits my blog.

It might be a long wait. 

I'll go do something else in the meantime.

I'm back. Still no visitors.

I'm thinking of eating the rest of the leftover Pavlova. I was going to have it for dessert tonight, but Tim took the sticky toffee pudding out of the freezer. So now that's available. 

Two desserts in one day. I'm very bad. And here I'm trying to make it look like this is unusual, when in reality it's pretty much typical for me. Plus, I just had trail mix that involved chocolate and other sugary stuff. 

On the plus side, though, I had an apple for breakfast, and salad and broccoli for lunch. 

I got another visitor!  This one is from Sheffield in the UK. I totally forgot, but then was reminded by Google Maps. I have Sheffield, Tasmania on our way-in-the-future Australia trip itinerary. 

I've landed on Newlands Road, which is a residential area. It reminds me of Doctor Who and Torchwood. I'm guessing anything in the UK these days will remind me of those shows. 

I think I'd want to visit there, probably not live there. It's lovely, but not beautiful.  Plus, when I picture myself living there, I imagine getting murdered. By aliens. 

See my problem is most of my ideas of the UK come from Harry Potter, In the Flesh, and Doctor Who. So I associate it with wizards, friendly zombies, and aliens.   
Now I have a third place. This is Saint Catharines in Ontario Canada. 

I've landed on Michelle Drive.

By image alone, I'd like to live there.  It looks like a happy neighborhood.  It reminds me of my childhood...not my own streets, but ones of my friends. I can imagine my mom dropping me off to one of these houses for a birthday party. 

I like that there's a sidewalk, even though it's only on one side.  

Knowing the weather of Canada, though, I probably wouldn't want to live there This website says June through September in St. Catharines is usually comfortable. Then everything else is either cool, cold, or freezing. That's not my type of place.  By the way, comfortable is defined 65-75 degrees, Fahrenheit. Comfort's quite subjective, though.

Wait! I actually read the chart wrong. I missed the warm bit. They have some warm days during the summer. If I'm reading things right...81% of the time, it's cold in St. Catharines. 66% of the time, it's comfortable, and....

That's not adding up right. I must be reading things wrong. 

But I AM reading information beyond the chart and they say the cold season goes from December 5 to March 9 and the average high is below 40 degrees. That's too much cold for me.

In comparison, Fort Worth (where I live) has it's cold season from November 26 to February 21, and our average high is 63 degrees. 

Sydney's cold season lasts from May 29-August 23, and the average high is 65 degrees. 

This is a fun weather website!

Well, I ate the Pavlova. Then Tim emailed us this link to a YouTube channel of this girl (Malinda Kathleen Reese) and she sings Google Translate versions of songs. It's very entertaining—funny, and she's quite talented. 


I have a new place on my Statcounter. This one is Bremen, Maine. 

I landed on ME-32. I was less random with this place, because there are not many areas there covered by Street View.

It's very beautiful. There's lots of trees with their fall colors, and one lovely white house. 

I'd like to visit. But again, because of the cold, I might not want to live there.

Next visitor is from Sydney!

I landed at the airport!

I don't think I'd want to live there; nor would I want to visit. I wouldn't want to do anything more than drive past this area.

There's a river in the picture. I left Street View to find out what it is. It's Cooks River. 

Lord Wiki says it's a tributary of Botany Bay. Yeah. I remember learning that Botany Bay is near the airport. 

Botany Bay is south of where I landed. 

The next place is Hampton, Victoria. 

I landed on Kerferd Street

Something I notice is there are a lot of fences, and each fence is different. 

It kind of reminds me of the street I researched when I had been doing research for my novel-sequel that I'll likely never write. I do remember the name of the street, though. Oven Street. Does Oven Street really look like Kerferd Street, or is it just my imagination?  Do Victorian Streets have a certain look to them? 

I'm looking at Oven Street now. It's quite different from Kerferd. The fences are more uniform. 

Well, no never mind. One part of the street has a bunch of white picket fences. But then in other areas of the street, the fences have more variety.

So...where is Hampton Victoria? Is it part of Melbourne?

I just zoomed out. It seems to be Melbourne.  It's north of the Mornington Peninsula. 

Lord Wiki says it's a wealthy area. 

If we could afford it, sure I'd like to live there. 

I'm guessing Kerferd Street is named after George Kerferd. Lord Wiki says he was the 10th Premier of Victoria. 

I have one place left. What will it be?

It's Baulkhalm Hills in New South Wales.  I think that's in Sydney.

I landed on Raemont Lane. It looks like a commercial area, and not somewhere I'd want to live. But I'd like to visit.  There's a park.  It has a nice bench, and maybe there's a playground.

Nearby, there's a South African restaurant and a Korean-Japanese one as well. 

I just zoomed out. Baulkhalm Hills is in the Western Suburbs—slightly north of Parramatta. 

Lord Wiki says the original owners of Baulkhalm Hills (and other nearby suburbs) were the Bidjigal people. These were the people of the famous Aboriginal man, Pemulwuy.  

About 20 minutes south of Baulkhalm Hills is a suburb named after Pemulwuy. 

Well, my game is done. I had a lot of fun and will probably play again someday. I hope it wasn't too boring for people to read!