Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Join an Acting Program

Last night I had a long complicated dream about being in an acting program.  I'm not going to share all the dream, because it's all a bit messy. But there were some Australian bits. I'll share those.

First of all, I woke up a few times from the dream; then returned to it. At one point, I started thinking about whether or not I'd share the dream on my blog. I started thinking that maybe one of the students was Amber from Neighbours, and I could write about that. Then when I returned to the dream: I remember the question I had while awake and decide to take a close look at my fellow student—see if she looks like Amber from Neighbours. I see I had been wrong. She's not her.  

Although now I'm thinking I might have been tricking myself. Originally it could have been Amber from Neighbours; and then later it changed to someone else.

I'm walking with some students. One has a non-American accent. I think of the UK, but then another student guesses that he's Australian.  He ends up being correct. I get overexcited and crazy and tell the Australian how I'm obsessed with Australia. I ask where he's from and he says Muswellbrook.  I try to show off my Aussie knowledge by letting him know that's out west. He says yes. It's near Perth.

When I woke up to pee, I decided my dream self was probably wrong about Muswellbrook. I started to remember that it was in New South Wales. I Googled on my phone, and saw that I was right.

There was a scene with Asher Keddie. I think maybe she was the teacher of the class. Or she's somehow in charge. She tells me that the sleeves I'm wearing aren't allowed at the school. Why? Because of some gruesome crime that happened there. She reminds me that I wrote about it on my blog. Then she pulls me aside to talk about my expenses. She's in a very grouchy mood about it, and seems annoyed about money I received and having to spend money on me.  She requests that I write something down on these forms. I do, but it's illegible due to the fact that in order to rectify my bad-sleeves problem, I had arranged my sleeves to cover my hands. She continues to be grouchy and bitchy. Finally, I speak out against it—something along the lines of her being the one to find me and bring me there.  

See...the dream was confusing. Sometimes it seemed we were in Australia, and sometimes it seemed we weren't there.

Then this last part, I'm going to share, seemed to be in Australia.

We are working on projects which involve us using student papers as acting scripts. The papers are about Black History Month. I then ask the teacher if Black History Month in Australia deals with both Aborigines and Africans.  She says, no. It's about Asians. It seems she's being sarcastic. Then there's an Aboriginal Australian in the class, and she talks on and on about something. I can't remember what she said.