Tuesday, February 10, 2015

American and Australian Slapping

I just found out that there's going to be an American remake of the Australian miniseries The Slap. Or I guess we could also say it's an American adaption of the Australian novel The Slap.

I wonder if it will be any good.

I haven't seen the Australian miniseries yet, but I did read the novel.

For those who don't know, it's the story of a family drama that results when a man slaps another family's preschooler.  I think maybe it's his nephew?  I forget.

Here's the trailer for the American version of the story.

Oh! Melissa George is in it. She was in the Australian miniseries as well. Did she play the same character? I'll look that up after I watch the trailer.

If she does play the same character, it's like David Tennant in Broadchurch and Gracepoint. He plays the same character in each, but in one show he's British and the other he's American.

The slapping man in the American Slap is Zachary Quinto, who I know from American Horror Story.  I'm watching the third one now, and am totally loving it. I'm not sure if Quinto is in it. I shall see.

Another person I know of in the American Slap is Brian Cox. I recently watched him in the Australian show The Straits.

IMDb says that Melissa George does play the same character in both miniseries.

Now I shall watch the trailer for the Australian The Slap.

The son from Tangle is in it.

The story itself reminds me a bit of my family. We've had a huge drama involving an adult discipling another family's child and also a huge drama involving a slap. They happened on two separate occasions, though. Years apart. We didn't involve the legal system, and we eventually forgave each other.

In a way, both miniseries look a bit silly.All that melodrama caused by one little incident. But you know...it's like real life. One little incident CAN cause great problems.

It starts with someone making a mistake; then escalates with other people jumping in and getting involved, sometimes blowing things out of proportion. A loud war begins, and it eventually turns into a cold war.

Then eventually peace finds its way back into our lives.

And all is well until the next incident occurs.

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