Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A One Week Trip to Australia

My recurring dreams about traveling to Australia alone and having regrets about leaving my child behind, seem to have ended.  Now they've evolved.  In the past week or so, I've had three nights of dreams in which Jack and I are planning to go to Australia. Then last night, Tim joined the party.

I had a bunch of going-to-Australia dreams, but they were out of order. It was like the same storyline...repeated.  The basic idea was that we were going on a last minute trip to Australia. It's not something that we had on the agenda for a long time.

Here are the bits and pieces I remember. This is the order in which I remember dreaming it. But storyline wise, it's out of order.

I buy a bunch of Stephen King books. I bring them all on the plane with me. We go on the plane and put our stuff down, but the plan is to then leave the plane for awhile.  Later we return. We're at our seat. I'm looking at something; then I look up and see someone is in Tim's seat. I tell Mr. Someone he's in the wrong seat. But then I remember that before, when we put our stuff down, we were sitting close to the back of the plane. This is not the back of the plane. So it's probably me that's in the wrong seat.

Jack's reading a Stephen King book for the first time, and I've been reading a Stephen King book review blog lately. That's probably why Stephen King books showed up in my dreams.

We're leaving for our trip to Australia soon. I'm very happy and excited about that. EXCEPT....Prior to that, though, we've been away somewhere else. Or at least we've been separated from our cats. I'm missing them, and regret that we're leaving them once again. I decide it's probably best that we make this trip only a week long.  I figure, though, since we'll be saving a lot of money due to there being less nights we'll be needing accommodations, maybe we can splurge a bit and take a little trip somewhere. I consider going to the Blue Mountains. I'm wondering though whether we should take a day tour there or actually spend some nights there.

I did consider the idea that we didn't have to stick to the Sydney area, but I'm not sure I did this within the dream or when I woke up at some point to pee.

And...No, I'm not saying that Blue Mountains is in Sydney. But it's a place that tourists go for day trips when they're staying in Sydney.

It's the morning before we have to leave. I start getting stuff done, including feeding the cat.  I ask Jack when we're leaving, and he says 1:00.  That's earlier than I expected. I still need to pack.  I think about our friends that live in Melbourne. Should we tell them we're coming?  I decide against it. We're not planning to go to Melbourne, and it's too late notice to ask them to come to Sydney. Besides, I know they've come to the United States without informing us.  

There were other bits and pieces, but I think I'll skip sharing those.

It's funny about recurring dreams. This isn't the first time mine have had a change.

I used to have the dreams about an upcoming exam for a class I've barely attended.  Then the dreams changed. Now when I have them, my dream self realizes and/or remembers that I've already graduated, or that I don't need this class or this particular degree to get by in life.