Thursday, April 16, 2015

Death on House Husbands

Yesterday, while watching House Husbands, I endured yet another Aussie TV character death.  And it's the fourth character I've seen that's died as a pedestrian being struck down by a car. It makes me wonder if this type of accident is one of the biggest concerns in Australia.

I've seen it mentioned in the news. Unfortunately, it happens to real life people as well as fictional ones. But I also see drownings, car accidents, murder, cancer, lost in the outback, and crocodile incidents. Why is the hit-by-a-car thing so often used?

Well, I guess four times is not incredibly often. Although that's just what I've seen so far. Who knows how many other Aussie characters have died in that way.

The episode on House Husbands was odd. Gemma (Julia Morris) and Abi (Natalie Saleeba) are heading to an awards event. Abi struggles, in the backseat, to get changed out of her work clothes and into her dress. With concern, Gemma frantically begs Abi to get her seatbelt on.

I got the sense that they were going to crash, but they didn't.

They arrive safe and sound at the award ceremony.

I thought it was a bit odd. You know the whole thing about if a gun is shown, it has to be shot by the end of the play. Or however that saying goes.... So why would they have the scene about the seatbelt, and then have no car accident?

Then later, Abi and Gemma leave the event and take Nicola (Leah de Niese) with them. While they drove through Melbourne, I nervously looked at their seat belts. Although the characters seemed to be in a light-hearted mood, there was an ominous feeling. Then Nicola gets out of the car to retrieve a washing machine left on someone's curb. She steps back into the street, and that's it for her.

But why did they have that scene with the seat belts?  I'm tempted to believe it was some tacky promotional thing. Maybe they advertised that there'd be a heart-breaking death on House Husbands, and so the show wanted to keep the viewers guessing. They did that on Desperate Housewives—promised the viewers a death, and then throughout the episode, they put various characters in danger.

The other thing I'm thinking is that the episode had a sprinkle of spirituality. Perhaps we're supposed to believe that Gemma had some type of premonition. Maybe she sensed something bad was going to happen to one of her friends, and that made her more safety conscious.


When writing this post, I learned that Leah de Niese's birthday is February 22.  That's my sister's birthday as well. And like de Niese's character, my sister was hit by a car.  Fortunately, my sister survived. I think it would be lovely if an Aussie TV character one day survived being hit by a car. The series can show the struggles of having comas, head injuries, and all that.  Though Neighbours did a fairly decent brain injury storyline that I saw recently.

Maybe this is one of my complaints. I think Aussie TV has done their fair share of showing characters having to deal with a sudden tragic death.  It is somewhat lovely, inspiring, and touching to see how people manage to go on after such a horrible thing. But maybe there needs to also be more storylines about other types of dealing with a severe chronic illness and/or injuries that cause long-term hardship.

Well, Aussie TV probably DOES have this. I've probably just not run into those episodes yet.