Friday, April 3, 2015

Whinging in My Ear

Lately, I've been watching Farscape which is an Australian-American show. Or is it American-Australian?

I'm not sure if it's more American or Australian.

The creator of the show is American. The main star is American. I think most of the producers are American.

The co-stars of the show are Australian or from New Zealand.

The show is filmed in Australia.

From what I've seen, most individual episodes are written and directed by Australians.

The guest stars are usually Australian.

The show was first broadcast on Channel Nine in Australia.

Yeah. I don't know. It seems about equal.

Though, in the episode I'm watching today, I leaned towards it being more Australian.  Because John Crichton (the American main character) says to Rygel. Great. That way when this thing screws up and we die, you're not going to be whinging in my ear.

I find it fascinating that he said whinging instead of whining. In the show's universe, it seems a bit unusual because Crichton is American. Americans usually say whining. HOWEVER, it was established in the prior episode that Crichton has spent time in Australia. It's possible he could have picked up some speech habits there.

Maybe since the show was originally broadcast in Australia, the language was geared towards Australian viewers. Though I can't remember hearing any other Australianisms.  Plus, I think it's widely understood in Australia that most Australians are familiar with American words. I find it hard to believe that they'd feel the need to replace whining with whinging.

The theory that makes most sense to me is that Ben Browder, the American actor who plays Crichton, was in the habit of using whinging instead of whining, because he was living in Australia.  While living there, it's highly possible that he picked up some Australian words.

If my theory is correct, I'm wondering then whether whinging or whining was in the script. The episode was written by David Kemper.  I'm not sure if he's American, Australian, or other, but I'm leaning towards American, since most of his credits are American projects.

Well, I just consulted Lord Wiki. He says Kemper is American.  So...did he write whinging or whining in the script?

Yes. I know. This is a very strange blog post.