Sunday, May 10, 2015

Actors I've Seen in Multiple Things

I started writing this post in my head last night.

It might be a mistake to actually write it out and post it.

But I'm going to try to do it anyway.

I've been thinking about the Australian actors that I've seen in multiple TV shows or movies.  Let's least three things.  I thought I'd write a little bit about all of them.  Well, and sometimes I might just list what I've seen, because I have nothing to say besides that. But knowing me, I'll probably end up rambling a lot and totally going off topic.

I'm just going to go in the order of who pops into my head.  Also, I'm not going to include bits and pieces of shows that I watched merely for my research-biography posts.

Oh! And I'm only including Australian TV shows and movies. I'm not going to write about the Australian actors who are known mostly for their American work.

1. Claudia Karvan. I'm watching her now in Puberty Blues. In the past, I've seen her in Love My Way and The Secret Life of Us. Before I watched her in any TV show, I saw her in a movie with Guy Pearce. I don't remember the name, but I'll go look it up now.  Here we go...It's Dating the Enemy.

I think Karvan's characters in Love My Way and The Secret Life of Us are very least personality wise. In Puberty Blues, her character is quite different—kind of clueless and uptight.  I'm not used to her acting like this. So to me, it almost feels like it's Alex or Frankie doing an impersonation of a prissy headmistress in order to amuse her housemates.

I'm betting, though, that after I watch a few more episodes of Puberty Blues, I'll be used of Karvan in that type of role. Then it might feel strange when I eventually watch her in season three of The Secret Life of Us. 

2. Patrick Brammall. I recently watched him in Upper Middle Bogan. I thought he was hilarious and adorable in that role.  It's my favorite of his so far.  I also saw him in Offspring, A Moody Christmas, and The Strange Calls.

Although Upper Middle Bogan is my favorite Brammall thing, I also loved him in Offspring.  I really liked his relationship with Nina and how that all began.

I liked A Moody Christmas, but I don't remember being particularly fond of Brammall's character.

I was pretty much bored by The Strange Calls.

I think the thing with Brammall is, I like when he plays a semi-loser who is also a sweet guy, versus when he plays a complete loser and/or jerk.  I think he does very well playing the pathetic guy who tries very hard to be decent.

3. Dan Wylie. I'm watching Wylie now on Puberty Blues. I've also seen him on Love My Way, an episode of Slide, and the movie The King is Dead. I watched the movie during our Qantas flight on the way back to Los Angeles.

I see from Wylie's filmography that he was also on an episode of The Straits. I vaguely remember it.

I didn't like Wylie at first. I think with actors, there are some we feel attracted to; some we feel neutral about; and some we feel UN-attracted to. Wylie was in the third category for me. He rubbed me the wrong way. But then I had a dream about him, and it all changed. Now I think he's adorable, and I wish he'd appear in every Australian show I watch.

It wasn't a sex dream. I think it was more of a therapeutic dream. I don't remember now what happened in it.  But the dream occurred after I watched that certain episode of Love My Way.  I was quite traumatized by the show, and I think the dream helped me deal with it.

And I ended up thinking Wylie is fabulous.

4. Deborah Mailman. Tim and I haven't watched many Australian movies together. But it seems like every time we do watch one, Mailman is in it—Bran Nue Dae, The Sapphires, and Mental.  Yeah. See? We really haven't watched many Aussie movies together.

I know and love Mailman mostly from the two TV shows I've seen her in—Offspring and The Secret Life of Us.  I think her characters in those shows are pretty similar—sweet and supportive.  Maybe also somewhat neurotic? Well, Kelly in the Secret Life of Us is neurotic. I can't remember if Cherie is as well.  Probably....

5. Rodger Corser. Yet ANOTHER actor I'm watching right now in Puberty Blues.

I first encountered Corser back in 2008 when we watched McLeod's Daughters.  From what I remember, we passionately despised Peter Johnson. One reason was that Peter Johnson was a jerk, but also he reminded me of a man I know and dislike in real life. I think there were some minor similarities in appearance. Though I think Corser is better-looking.

Later I saw Corser in the American show Camp and Rush, but I didn't realize he was the same guy from  McLeod's Daughters. My brain didn't put two and two together.

IMDb is reminding me that I also saw Corser recently in Paper Giants: Magazine Wars.   I don't really remember him, though I'm trying to....

I feel I should take a break from the John Edwards/Imogen Banks crowd.

So, how about...

6Firass Dirani- I first saw him in Packed to the Rafters. Then I saw him on The Straits and House Husbands. But for some reason, I didn't realize the guy I was watching on The Straits was the same guy I had watched on Packed to the Rafters.  I don't think I connected the two until I watched House Husbands.

I see, from Dirani's filmography, that he played one of the red Power Rangers. Did I know that already?  I don't think I did. From what I'm seeing, he wasn't on the same series as Glenn McMillan. Dirani was in the 2006 series; and McMillan was in the 2003 one.

7. Terence Donovan.  While I'm on the subject of House Husbands....

I needed help with this one. I Googled Spencer Donovan and then Clarence Donovan. I found the right name by searching for Jason Donovan's father.

I watched Donovan play Rebekah Elmaloglou's father on Home and Away.  Later I saw him as her step-father on Neighbours.  His character in Neighbours has Alzheimer's; though in the episodes I saw, he seemed to be in the early stages. He was functioning quite well. Then Donovan also played a man with Alzheimer's on House Husbands.

8. Susie Porter. Back to the Edwards/Bank club....

I'm watching Porter now on Puberty Blues. Her character is married to Dan Wylie. If memory serves me correctly, they also had some kind of relationship on Love My Way. Or actually, I don't think it went beyond flirting. I think Porter hired Wylie as an architect. Maybe?

I also saw Porter on Bikie Wars. And according to IMDb, I saw her on Dance Academy. I can't say I remember that.

9. Callan Mulvey. Speaking of Bikie Wars... Mulvey is in that. Prior to watching the miniseries, I saw Mulvey in Rush.  Then recently I saw him playing villains on Slide and Sea Patrol.

10. Kat Stewart. I was introduced to her via Offspring. She plays a similar character on Tangle.

I saw an episode...or part of an episode of Mr. and Mrs. Murder. I think we watched it while we were in Australia.

I saw Stewart in something else this past year—something where her character was different than her Offspring and Tangle one.  Maybe it was The Secret Life of Us?

I need to take a cheat peak at her filmography.

Yep. I was right. It's The Secret Life of Us.

Stewart's filmography reminded me she was also on Camp.  This is the second time I'm mentioning that show in this post, even though I said I wasn't going to talk about American programs. I think Camp is kind of an exception. It's kind of an odd American-Aussie hybrid.

11. Justine Clarke-Another actress from Tangle.

Prior to watching Clarke on Tangle, I watched her much younger self on Home and Away.  I've also seen her in the miniseries Come In Spinner, and the first season of All Saints.

I'm seeing that with this post, one actor makes me think of another actor.


12. Rebecca Gibney. She was in Come in Spinner with Clarke. I also saw her in Packed to the Rafters and in the movie Mental.

12. Asher Keddie  Another big Banks/Edwards one...though more Edwards than Banks.

I was introduce to Keddie through Offspring. Then I saw her as a much more depressing character in Love My Way.  I've also seen her in Rush and The Secret Life of Us.

13. Catherine McClements is in Rush as well.  There she had a work/colleague relationship with Samuel Johnson's character. There was some minor flirting in season two.  I'm not sure if it will go any farther in season three.

McClements also worked with Johnson on The Secret Life of Us; where they DID have a romantic relationship.

I can't think of any more actors offhand, although I'm sure there are others. But I'm tired.  If I think of more, I'll do another post.  Well, probably not. I already worry that this one was a waste of time.

Well...while I was proofreading, I thought of another actor.

14. Kate Jenkinson! She has saved me from having a 13-item post!. Though I don't think 13 is really bad luck for me.  But still....

I first saw Jenkinson in Offspring. Then she started popping up in...Well, it sometimes seems like everything. There's The Straits, House Husbands, Tangle, and Rush.  Okay, it's not THAT much.  I think it feels like a lot, though, because I watched the shows in a pretty close time-period.

I'm going to hurry up and post this, before I think of any more people.