Sunday, May 17, 2015

An Aussie in Japan

Since Tim wants to go to Japan for his 50th birthday, I've been reading Eric Thompson's blog about his and his girlfriend Katie's trip to Japan. It's very informative and entertaining.

And today I went from liking the blog to loving the blog when I read this:

 The cherry muffin had an amazing light and fluffy flavour and the custard was moist and superb. I wasn’t sure if it was just mine or not but there was a massive hole in the middle of my muffin. Had I got a dud perhaps? The lady next to us also had a cherry and custard muffin and we tried to look to see if hers had a hole in it as well. She took forever to eat it though! It just sat there for ages without her touching it. What’s more, when she did finally she did start to eat it she somehow managed to keep inside from view the entire time and we were unable to get any confirmation on the regularity of the hole. So as not to leave everyone in suspense I can reveal that subsequent muffins confirmed that the hole is normal and I suspect that the phenomenon may actually be the result of migratory custard.

How can I not adore someone who shows that much dedication to muffin mystery solving?

I also like Thompson because I think he's in my club—people who live in one country, but are obsessed with another.  From what I see on Thompson's blog, he's been to Japan four times.  He also speaks Japanese.

His blog entries are extremely detailed. I thought my 2009 trip reports were long and detailed, but I think Thompson has me beat there.  It's nice, though, to find someone else who writes really long blog entries.

Back to the Starbucks thing. I wonder if Starbucks pastries vary depending on which country you're in.  For example, we've gotten scones at our local Starbucks and they're the American type.  Do Australia Starbucks have British/Australian type scones? And what about Japan?  What kind of scones do they have there?

Anyway, here's a link to the blog entry with the muffins. There are some other exciting food adventures including a disastrous one involving an egg.