Monday, May 18, 2015

The Numbered Posts of 2011

I read my old blog entries. I read one a day. This week I started reading my numbered posts of 2011. This is where I just jotted down Australia-related things that were part of my day.

Before this week, I don't think I had ever really gone back to reading the posts. I kind of imagined they were crap, and regretted ever writing in that way. that I'm reading them, I find I actually like them a lot.  I'm kind of regretting the opposite—that I quit writing posts in that way.

So, I'm thinking of going back to that.

Or I should say...I've decided to go back to that.

But I could change my mind.

Here are the pros and cons that are swimming in my head.


1. There are things I like to report, but it's a struggle to fit a whole blog post around it.  Sometimes I actually just want to link to something fun I've read, but I don't have anything valuable to add. The numbered posts allow me to do that.

2. Looking at my Stats on Blogger. The numbered posts tended to get more visitors than my regular posts.  That's not to say the purpose of writing all my posts is to attract as many readers as possible. If that was true, I'd go back to writing the biography posts.  But if I have a choice between writing two types of posts that I enjoy writing, I'd rather write the one that gets more visitors.


1. (Actually this is the only one). I get worried about becoming compulsive—that I'll feel the need to report every Australia-related thing I do, see, hear, and feel.  Can I be okay eating a Tim Tam today without feeling I'm obligated to write about it on my blog?   Do I have to report every TV show I watch? Every blog I visit? Every article I read?

But I guess the con can be avoided by just reminding myself that I don't need to report everything.