Saturday, July 4, 2015

Credits, Polygamy, Pirate Island, and Choices

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

2. Saw that the credits have already been changed.  The pool scene with Nate (Meyne Wyatt), Brennan (Scott McGregor), and Chris (James Mason) has been changed to Nate, Brennan, and Tyler (Travis Burns),

3. Wondered about Matt (Josef Brown). I guess he's gone from the credits too. I didn't notice. Though I forgot where he used to be in the credits.

4. Went back to watch the credits again. I can't remember where Matt used to be.

5. Decided to watch credits from an old episode.

Matt was in the shot with Bailey (Calen MacKenzie) and Lou (Tom Oliver).

6. Wondered why Polygamy is seen as so horrible. Penny Wong doesn't like people suggesting gay marriage is going to lead to polygamy. Is this because she thinks polygamy is an awful and offensive thing? Or is it because it's simply not true that gay marriage leads to people wanting to do the polygamy thing.

7. Felt I said something wrong in my last post. I said polyamory wasn't traditional. Well, it's not traditional in our society. But I think it IS traditional in some societies. I don't think it's a new thing for the world.

8. Consulted Lord Wiki about polygamy. He cites several studies saying it's a bad thing.

So maybe I shouldn't be so okay with it.

Though I figure it doesn't have to be bad all the time. Maybe sometimes it would work?

9. Wondered if polygamy doesn't usually work, because it often occurs in sexist societies where women are seen as property. But if you had polygamy in a less sexist society, could it maybe turn out totally fine?

Does polygamy cause problems for gender equality, or does gender inequality cause problems for polygamy?

Let's say Daniel (Tim Phillips) on Neighbours married Amber (Jenna Rosenow) AND Imogen (Ariel Kaplan) Wouldn't he treat them with love and respect?

Would there be some inequality, jealousy, and resentment?  Yes, of course!  But the same happens in any family. It happens with offspring. I have, at times, felt that my sisters have received favoritism, and I know they have felt the same about me. There have also been differences in how the grandchildren are treated and differences in how the son-in-laws are treated.

10. Started watching Pirate Islands.

11. Thought one of the actors on Pirate Islands looked like he could be related to Patrick Brammall.

12. Confused. I can't find the characters I'm seeing on the IMDb cast list. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong show?

13. Learned I was looking at the wrong show on IMDb.  The show I was looking at, on IMDb is from 2003. The show I'm watching is from 2007. I think it's a sequel to the first. It's called Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji.

14. Consulted Lord Wiki. He says yes, the 2007 show is a sequel to the 2003 one.

15. Saw that Saskia Burmeister plays Pirate Lily. Her name sounded familar to me. I  looked her up on IMDb, and was reminded that she was on Sea Patrol. She's the one who reminded me of the cupcake girl from the detergent commercial.

16. Found that the actor who reminds me of Patrick Brammall is named Kaine O'Keeffe.

17. Wondered if fans of Fringe often watch Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji; because John Noble is one of the stars. He plays a pirate.

18. Saw that Adelaide Clemens ,from Pirate Islands, was on Love My Way.   I think I remember her. She was (maybe) the friend of Ben Mendelsohn's son.

19. Started watching another episode of Pirate Islands.

20. Witnessed my mom and sister compete over who likes Simon Baker more. My sister was excited to see him on the back of a GQ magazine.

21. Thought that Pirate Islands might work better as a 90 minute movie rather than a thirteen episode TV show. I'm not really sure how the premise is going to provide enough material.

22. Thought about fireworks, and how Australia's big Firework night is New Years Eve.  But it's also the eve of Federation Day.

23. Had trouble empathizing and understanding homophobia and/or people who are against gay marriage.

Wondered if there would be something I'd be prejudice against that involved consenting adults and did not cause extraordinary harm.  I can imagine myself being grossed out by certain things. Maybe? But to want it to be illegal? Is there anything?

I'll have to think about that.

24. Wished people against gay marriage could imagine what the world would be like if laws were based on other people's personal morals and preferences.

For example, if laws were based on my views, eating meat would be illegal and all children would be unschooled.

Would people like that? Or would they rather be able to make their own choices?