Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Daniel Robinson, Frustrating Storylines, Dangerous Tea Parties, and Chris Milligan

1. Dreamed about packing for a soon-to-happen Australia trip. I start getting my clothes organized for packing.  I think about the long plane ride and how we have to take a short plane ride before the long plane ride. I predict that when we're on the short plane ride, it will seem quite long, and we'll know we still have to endure the long plane ride.

Later, Tim says something, and it makes me realize I never finished packing. I frantically try to get that done. I try to decide what shoes to bring.

2. Realized I didn't finish watching the episode of Neighbours I watched last night.

This is how I found out:  My Google Chrome automatically brings up the page I had been looking at before I turned off my computer. It's kind of annoying, actually.  Does everyone's Google Chrome do that?

Anyway, so this morning, I turn on my computer and then go into the bathroom to pee. When I get out, I hear Daniel (Tim Phillips) talking about getting a genetic test.  That didn't sound familiar. I looked at the episode and saw I had two minutes left.

This time I'm glad Google Chrome did it's annoying thing, because otherwise I would have missed Amber (Jenna Rosenow) telling Daniel the baby might be Josh's.

I would have been really confused when watching today's episode.

3. Read about Bill Shorten deciding that turning back refugee boats is a good idea.

I don't know if he's right or wrong. Or I should say, I don't know if I agree or not.

In theory, it seems like a good idea. Don't let refugee boats come to Australia, and that will deter smugglers from taking huge sums of money from desperate people. It would also prevent drownings.

But that would come in the future after Australia rejects many desperate hopeful people.  In the meantime, Australia would have to turn away people who have put their money and lives at risk; and by doing that, would likely condemn them to a horrible fate.

3. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

4. Saw Paige (Olympia Valance) wearing a New York Yankees shirt.

It seems to me that she wears American-themed shirts quite often.

5. Read Aussie expat Nikki's post about moving from South Africa to Atlanta, Georgia.

I'm eager to read about her adjustments to living in the US. Atlanta will be particularly interesting to me, because I lived there during my teen years.

6. Annoyed again by Dimato storyline.  Michelle (Ra Chapman) is blackmailing Paige and Tyler (Travis Burns) by threatening to go to the police about Bailey stealing the car. They have Bailey doing the crime on the CCTV cameras.

Okay. But Bailey stole a car already stolen. Michelle and her Dimato team are the ones that stole it.  So if they go to the police about Bailey, might it be eventually revealed that Dimato and Michelle are  the original car thieves?

Paige really needs to call their bluff.

7. Wanted to go to Brisbane, because the weather there is nice this week.

It's way too hot here in Texas.

8. Read disturbing article about the Salmonella-Langham Hotel in Melbourne.

The salmonella incident wasn't a one-off mistake. The hotel failed a food inspection in 2014.

The article says that the City of Melbourne's council can't reveal food inspection results without consent.

I wonder if most cities are like that.  I kind of remember looking at food safety scores of Sydney, so I'm thinking it's not a world-wide rule.

I think it's a bad one, though. I imagine people are often weary of cheap casual eateries and might look for a posted food safety score. But when it comes to fancy-shmancy places, people are likely to trust without thinking and without proof.

9. Thought that whether people pay $5 for a meal or $45, their lives and health shouldn't be put at at risk. They shouldn't be eating filth.

10. Looked at the price of the hazardous afternoon tea at the Melba Restaurant in the Langham.

It's $65 per person.

I hope whoever paid for the baby shower is reimbursed for ALL the money. And the restaurant should pay all the medical bills as well.

11. Started watching another episode of Neighbours.

I like the scenes between Imogen (Ariel Kaplan) and Nate (Meyne Wyatt).

That might be because I like both those characters. It's fun to see them together.

12. Started to watch a Neighbours backstage video. This one stars Chris Milligan, who plays Kyle.

13. Learned that Kyle had sex with Kate—Mark's former lover.

Maybe I already knew that.

I forget.

14. Thought Bossy looked very cute in the video.

I tried to get a good photo, but they all look creepy.


Bossy kind of looks like he died and Norman Bates got a hold of him.

15. Went to Chris Milligan's IMDb filmography.

He was born in 1988. He's  young.

16. According to IMDb, Milligan's first appeared on Neighbours on November 26, 2008.

He's been on the show for quite awhile.

I guess he started when he was about twenty.

17. Saw that Margot Robbie was on the November 26, 2008 episode.

18. Saw that in 2010, Milligan was on a children's TV show called Dead Gorgeous.

The show is British-Australian.

19. Saw that Milligan appeared in an Aussie science fiction movie.  Kerion. It came out in 2014.

20. Started to watch trailer for Kerion.

Milligan appears at 1:21. He has a demonic-type of voice.

The movie looks a bit amateur. But it could be just the trailer.

21. Learned from Lord Wiki that Milligan is in a relationship with Jenna Rosenow. Is that true? Or was it true? Is it still true? That's some fun gossip.

22. Went to link that Lord Wiki provided.  This article from 2014 says that Jenna Rosenow and Chris Milligan are dating and have been dating for two years.

23. Looked at Chris Milligan's Twitter.

His icon photo is of himself with Jenna Rosenow. So, it seems they're still together.

24. Looked at Milligan's Instagram.

His last post is from two days ago. It's of some tattoo thing...I think. Bondi Ink?

Maybe he's planning to get a tattoo.

25. Saw photo with Milligan and Rosenow. The caption says they were at  a wedding.

26. Saw photo of Milligan and Rosenow doing archery together.

27. Saw photo of Milligan with some of his Neighbours' co-stars.

28. Liked that Milligan has a lot of photos of his girlfriend. He seems to love her a lot.

29. Saw that Milligan and Rosenow went to Hawaii.

30. Loved Milligan's Pac-Man thongs.

31. Liked the cute puppy picture.

32. Decided to watch another episode of Neighbours.

33. Liked Georgia's (Saskia Hampele) dress.

34. Liked what Michelle said about Christmas decorating in her Crooked Fences blogpost.

The thing is, Americans are just really good at decorating. And it is a wee bit contagious. If you don't join in you begin to feel like a bit of a Grinch. Or Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Seikh etc.

35. Felt a bit of a failure when I read this in Michelle's post. And in the next few days we will visit a Christmas tree "farm" (corner lot) to select a live tree after chucking the plastic tree that we brought with us from Australia. That plastic tree just did not make the grade in the cut throat world of decorating American style.

We bought our first Christmas tree last December. Or maybe it was January already. We bought it during the after-Christmas sales.  It's plastic.

Jack wanted to get a real tree. We vetoed that. Then I felt bad for saying no, so I did a little research. The whole thing seems so complicated— much more complicated than I expected. I think you have to have a truck or be good at attaching things to the roof of your car.  The whole thing scared me a bit.

We also argued about ornaments. I've always wanted a tree that's casually decorated. Whimsical. Meaningful ornaments. Jack wants something that looks nice.

36. Figured we will try the plastic tree this year. If we get into it, maybe one day we'll graduate to a real tree.

37. Thought about how the tree thing I was most excited about was buying special ornaments when we go to Disney World. But then we went to Disney World a few weeks after buying the tree and saw how expensive the ornaments are. We didn't buy any.

38. Watched scene on Neighbours with Daniel (Tim Phillips) getting angry at Josh (Harley Bonner).

I think angry, protective Daniel is much sexier than peace-loving, hippy Daniel.