Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pirate Islands, Kathy Vongsanga, Undeserved Acclaim, and Clever Lawyers

1. Dreamed about my almost-Australian cousins.

Jack and I sit at a table at a public place. My cousin's husband is there too, but we don't say hi to him. We don't acknowledge him in any way, and he doesn't acknowledge us.

Then Jack and I start talking about our plans of potentially moving to Australia.

Later I feel bad about not talking to my cousin's husband, and I feel weird about talking about our plans to move to Australia. I feel he's going to be offended and not happy we might be moving there, and I imagine my cousin will feel the same.  But then I'm surprised to hear from my cousin. She gives me suggestions about getting a job in Australia. She has three potential places I could work.

Tim might have been with us when we ignored my cousin's husband. I'm not sure. It's just I imagine, in real life, it would be more likely for Jack and me to be shy like that. It's hard for me to imagine Tim acting that way. But since this was a dream, and not real life...who knows.

2. Started watching an episode of Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji.

I don't love the show, but I do like it better than The Saddle Club.

3. Continued to read Nick Earl's novella, Welcome to Normal.  I don't find it too exciting, but I'm not totally bored by it. It's very literary—not much happening. It's more of a character study.

 And there are some nice descriptions of pizza.

4. Started to watch another episode of Pirate Islands.

5. Started to watch an episode of Neighbours.

6. Wondered who in the world is Kathy Vongsanga.  She's often on the Neighbours IMDb episode credits as playing Margie Chan, and is listed as being uncredited.  Is she an extra of some sort? Maybe a special extra?

7. Saw that Kathy Vongsanga is listed as being on 319 episodes between 2012-2015.

8. Went to the Twitter of Kathy Vongsanga. I'm pretty sure it's her, because she talks about Melbourne.

I suppose there could be multiple Kathy Vongsanga in Melbourne, but I doubt it.

9. Got idea from looking at Vongsanga's Twitter that she's into car racing.

10. Saw that Kathy Vongsanga recently had a baby.

She's getting her baby into the acting thing as well. Here's the news of that via Instagram.

11. Determined that most of Vongsanga's Tweets are links to her Instagram, and most of her Instagram posts are about her new baby and the car racing thing.

12. Read a comment on this photo of Vongsanga.  Someone says they're a fan of hers on Neighbours.

But who is she on Neighbours?!

13. Learned that the Vongsanga is into is Formula 1.

14. Looked at Instagram photo of Vongsanga with Neighbours people. They're all in Harold's, and Vongsanga is wearing an apron. So I'm going to conclude that she plays a Harold's employee.

15. Thought that maybe I spotted Vongsanga in the episode I'm watching.

I think she's there in the background.

16. Wondered if it's fun to be an extra on Neighbours. Or is it tedious, and just fun for people to see themselves later on screen?

17. Wondered if most of the main stars of Neighbours are nice to the extras.

18. Wanted to slap Nick (Damien Fotiou). He badmouths Georgia (Saskia Hampele) to Karl (Alan Fletcher)—talks about her being unprofessional and self-absorbed. And when Karl questions Nick about the incident with Nick trying to get Georgia into bed with him, Nick labels that as him blowing off steam.

Karl went to talk to Nick about Georgia being suspended. He says he's surprised, because Georgia is such a good nurse. Georgia suspects that Nick has framed her, and that's why she's been suspended. With Nick talking so badly about someone who's usually held in high regard, and this is after he victimized her, it makes him look like the guilty party.

19. Wanted to hug Toadie (Ryan Moloney). He's being very good at the lawyer thing. He wants Karl to talk to people who worked with Nick in London. Karl argues that Nick had good references. Toadie reminds Karl that these references were hand-picked by Nick. But what about the people he didn't ask to write references? What would they say about Nick?

20. Liked the character of Nick in a cathartic way. For me, he represents those people who everyone else seems to adore, but I don't.  They might be charming or have some type of heroic career. Or they've done something very impressive.

And most of the time, they're NOT as bad as Nick. They're not evil. It's just they're not as wonderful as some people imagine.

21. Thought about Bill Cosby and how hard it must have been for his victims to see all the wonderful things said about him in the media.

22. Started to watch another episode of Pirate Islands. I have three left. Maybe I'll finish the show today or tomorrow.

23. Started watching yet another episode of Pirate Islands.

I think I'm watching more TV than usual today.

24. Had a QuizUp Lost question about Charles Widmore. Widmore was played by Alan Dale from Neighbours.

We've also seen Dale on Ugly Betty and Torchwood.

25. Remembered that Dale was born in New Zealand. I wonder if he has Australian citizenship.

26. Felt myself kind of getting into Pirate Islands.  The cliffhanger of the second to last episode was kind of exciting.  I'd watch the last episode tonight, but I'm tired and want to get to bed.