Monday, August 31, 2015

Blackmail, Deprivation, Online Trickery, and Pig People

1. Dreamed that I am going to be performing a skit with Jay Pritchett (From Modern Family) and Sheila Canning (From Neighbours)  

Jay has taken it upon himself to be the boss of the project. I don't like his ideas, which include having us pretend to be in different cities and representing this by wearing clothing with the city's name on it.

I start to remember how I used to write screenplays, and I'm mad at myself for not putting myself in charge of the project.

There's a scene that deals with pizza. Sheila starts ad-libbing a lot. I really like her lines, and I'm impressed with that she's doing.  

2. Dreamed about a man having a pee accident. I think it might have been Kip Gamblin.  Or maybe it was Brad Willis.

3. Wanted to say that I didn't know Wes Craven had died when I started writing about the horror stuff last night.

I found out after I posted.

Did I write about horror because some little part of me sensed that there was big horror genre news that day?

Probably not.

I was probably thinking about horror, because Tim and I have been watching a horror TV show. Also, I had read an editorial about The Walking Dead yesterday.

4. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

I'm intrigued, because on the previously-on-Neighbours segment, they showed something that happened months ago. It was when people on Ramsey street wrote their secrets in envelopes and handed them to Sonya (Eve Morey).  The segment always connects to what's going to happen on that day's episode; so I'm curious to know how that's going to play out.

5. Saw that Sonya keeps the secrets in a purple bag.

Their young houseguest Jimmy (Darcy Tadich) finds the bag and wants to know what's in it.

6. Felt that Neighbours was promoting the message that children shouldn't be deprived of sugar.

Amy (Zoe Cramond) doesn't let her son Jimmy eat sugar. She's very strict.

Now Jimmy is blackmailing the residents of Ramsey Street in order to get candy and baked goods. The kid has gone evil.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.

We're not anti-sugar or junk food in our house. We probably fail too much in the other direction, though. We allow too much crap to go into our bodies.

On one hand, I feel depriving children of things will make them want it more. But then with that argument, there's the question, should anything go?

What if our child wants to drink a beer? Should we not deprive them of it?

7. Realized what I have swimming in my mind.

It's that some parents feel very strongly about things. Some parents are very much against artificial sweeteners. Some are against sugar. Some are against television. There are families that follow a strict religious or ethical diet. Is it right for parents to impose these life choices on their child? Is it going to make their child want the forbidden thing more? Is the apparent message on Neighbours correct? Will depriving a child of something turn them into blackmailing monsters?

Do parents have a right to push their beliefs on a child? Does society have a right to question and try to change parents who do these things?

8. Started to watch another episode of Neighbours.

9. Wondered what's up with Imogen's (Ariel Kaplan) dress?

Is she going for the pilgrim look?

10. Thought that Amber (Jenna Rosenow) had made a friend online on a message board for mothers, but it looks like it might be Josh (Harley Bonner) in disguise.

Or am I misinterpreting what I saw?

What happened is Amber found out that Josh was selling illegal substances, and worse, lying to her. So she told him to back off. Then she went online to her Mum's group to complain about how she feels alone.

11. Thought about how this is the third time I've seen a young Ramsey Street resident get tricked by someone on the Internet. Paige (Olympia Valance) got tricked into thinking she was talking to a hot guy. Bailey (Calen MacKenzie) was tricked into losing most of his family's money. Now Amber might be venting about her baby's the baby's father.

12. Started watching another episode of Neighbours.

13. Thought that Amy is acting incredibly stupid.

She knows her son has been blackmailing people. She found out that he was doing it to Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Karl (Alan Fletcher).

Later, she witnesses Sheila (Colette Mann) giving Jimmy everything his heart desires even when Amy speaks out against it. Then when Sonya and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) suggest that Jimmy is blackmailing Sheila, Amy refuses to believe it.

Oh, and did I mention that they told Amy that Sheila told them that Jimmy knows her secret?

14. Disagreed with Kyle's mindset when he argued that Jimmy is a nine-year-old kid—meaning he can't be too much of a blackmailing menace.

Children can be quite evil.

They can be malicious and conniving.

They can cause a lot of emotional torment.

That's not to say I think it's okay for children to be verbally or physically attacked by an adult. The adult needs to try to have more self-control and decency than the child.  I think, though, that we need to try to have understanding and sympathy for the adult who's blackmailed and/or bullied by the child. We shouldn't dismiss the issue by pointing out the child's age.

 I think we can talk about the child's age in some circumstances—maybe in an attempt to get the adult to understand that the child needs time to mature.

I think though that there's a difference between the message of He's nine, and desperate to get what he wants. He'll hopefully gain some kindness as he gets older; and the message of He's nine! How can a nine-year-old hurt an adult?   

15. Thought that Paige should go to the United States with Amber instead of Josh.

Paige seems obsessed with America.

It seems like she wears an American-themed T-shirt almost every day.

16. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to the 36th song, which is "Won't Let You Down" by the Hilltop Hoods.

It features some guy named Maverick Sabre.

17. Learned from Lord Wiki that Maverick Sabre is an Irish guy.

18. Started to watch the video for "Won't Let You Down"

19. There's a pig person, like in Doctor Who.

20. Felt like pig-headed people are from something else besides Doctor Who.

21. Wondered if I'm thinking of that Twilight Zone episode.

22. Wondered. If a human had a pig head instead of a human head, would they taste like pork?  Or would their body taste like a human?

23. Saw a girl making flirty eyes with one of the pig-human hybrids. If she ends up having sex with him, would that be bestiality? Even if his genitals are humanish?

24. Wondered. What's the symbolism of the pig-heads? Or is there no symbolism?  Did they just add pig-heads, because they feared otherwise people might be bored by the video?

25. Saw comment on video that explained things to me. Dasfx says, If you listen to the lyrics they are talking about how they've been too pigheaded (obstinate and stupid) to realize or respect what they have in life. They've taken their woman for granted. The video is a representation of Suffa falling into the wrong crowd.

Yes! That makes sense, and it does match the lyrics.

I didn't think of the whole pigheaded=stubborn and stupid thing.  I wish I did. Then I'd feel more clever.

26. Started to watch a Kate Kendall backstage Neighbours video.

27. Saw the cast eating in the Green Room. It's kind of odd, because they're all at their own little desk/seating areas. It looks like they're all eating alone.

They're not really.

They're all in the same room. And I guess they can chat. But it kind of looks like they're alone.

Maybe I'm used to people eating at a table together. Or like we sometimes do—sit on the couch together and eat while watching television.

28. Amused, because Tim Phillips is supposed to enter the scene with Ariel Kaplan and Jenna Rosenow fighting. He has trouble getting the pool gate open.  I wonder if they kept that in the scene. I don't remember. But they probably should have. It's kind of realistic. Gates can be a challenge to open sometimes.

29. Saw that there's another Australian Kate Kendall.

She's a yoga teacher in Sydney.

30. Saw that there's another Australian celebrity Kate Kendall. Though she lives in San Francisco now.

She's the CEO of a company called Cloud Peeps.

She's not super famous, but she does have 51 thousand followers on Twitter. That's quite a lot. And, she's not one of those people who had to go on a follow-spree in order to get such a huge amount of followers.

30. Learned from Lord Wiki, and a YouTube commenter, that Kendall was one of the stars of the TV show Stingers.

31. Went over to Kate Kendall's Instagram—the actress one.

32. Saw that the latest post is a photo of an article about Neighbours.

There's an upcoming episode that focuses on one storyline only—the one with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Brad, and Lauren.

Or maybe it's aired already.

I saw some maybe-spoilers on the Neighbours YouTube channel about Brad becoming bad.  I haven't watched the actual video, but I'm wondering what it's all about.

I guess I shall find out someday soon....

33. Wondered who Brad ends up with—Terese or Lauren.

I hope it's Lauren.

I want something better for Terese.

Lauren and Brad can have each other. They both annoy me these days.