Friday, October 2, 2015

Dreams, Blogging, Dire Situations, and Gory Music Videos

1. Had various dreams about Australian people and blogging.

I dreamed about my sort-of Australian cousin—something about playing that game where you say I one something; I two something; I three something; etc. On Sesame Street, the something was a sandbox. I'm not sure what it was in my dream.

I dreamed about our Australian family-friends—the two young adults in the family. They talk about a restaurant with a conceited owner or manager. I start to realize that they're talking about a restaurant in the past—that they've been using these certain time travel portals that have been appearing on the ground. I start considering using the portals myself. 

I dreamed that, there's a ride with the surroundings decorated with fake animals. Andrew rearranges the animals to make things more interesting for us. I think this is nice of him, but while on the ride, I worry that he may have put the animals in the way of the vehicles.  I worry a bit about crashing.

I dreamed that, I'm cleaning up canned fruit while talking to Jack. While cleaning and talking to Jack, I also think about how I'm dissatisfied with areas of my life.  I start to wonder if I want to quit my blog. I feel tired of being the person obsessed with Australia. Then I change my mind. I'm fine being obsessed with Australia. I'm just tired of blogging about it. I think more about quitting. Then I decide not to, because if I do, people will pester me and say things like, What happened to your blog?

2. Wondered why I dreamed about wanting to quit my blog.

I don't think I do. I'm having a good time with it now. I don't think it's giving me much grief at this point.

3. Started to listen to a song I mentioned liking in an old blog post.  It's "Lung Sum" by The Paper Scissors.

I need to follow old links more often—reacquaint myself with stuff I liked and then forgot about. 

4. Thought about how I'm taking a break from my blog this weekend, probably.  So if I am tired of it, deep inside, at least I'll get a little vacation.

I mean I'm not taking a break because I suspect I'm tired of it. I'm taking a break because we're going to be busy this weekend.

I'll see if I miss my blog or not.

5. Started watching an episode of Sea Patrol.

6. Thought about how my blog used to be more about reaching out to others—hoping to meet new friends.

Now it's more about having a relationship with myself. I feel it's a way of connecting my past self to my present self and also both of us to our future self.

That sounds kind of weird, doesn't it?

Oh well.

7.  Thought that this episode of Sea Patrol is full of suspense. There's an asshole sexual assault villain (Andrew Buchanan); a bird flu threat; and ET's (David Lyons) leg is trapped by a heavy barrel. 

Oh! And there's water slowly seeping into the room with the trapped ET.

8. Remembered seeing David Lyons on a new American TV show cast.

Which one was it?

9. Saw from Lyon's filmography that it's Game of Silence. It's the one about people having a secret from their long lost childhood. 

10. Thought that tense life/death situations are a million times better when they're on television shows and movies rather than in real life—especially when they're on the type of TV show where the characters usually survive.  I think Sea Patrol is this type of show.  In almost every episode, a character's life is threatened, but then they turn out to be okay.  The same goes for Doctor Who. Although in that, it's not one or two lives that are threatened. It's usually either everyone on the planet earth is threatened...or the entire universe.

There are some TV shows where you really don't know if things are going to turn out okay or not. That's more stressful but less horrible than having to deal with such things in real life.

11. Thought that maybe there's a rule of thumb—if a death on a television show is going to happen, it's going to happen fast. If they drag it out, then the outcome will probably be good. But then I realized that's not true. 

The death on Love My Way was dragged out a bit. There seemed to be some small amount of hope. Then it was torn away. The same goes for Offspring.  I don't remember if there was a lot of hope. But there was that time of waiting to hear from the doctors. Will it be good news? Will it be horrible news?

12. Started watching an episode of Underbelly.

In this show, people do die. But since the characters are all real people, if a viewer is nervous, they can just Google to figure out the outcome. They don't have to wait to be surprised.

13. Went to the Triple J 2014 list

Today I'm going to listen to the 88th song, which is "Gina Works at Hearts" by DZ Deathrays. 

14. Started watching video for "Gina Works at Hearts" 

It seems to be about haircuts.

15. Thought that the video is cute.

It involves the two band members getting a haircut. It's hard work for the stylists, because the guys keep banging their head. 

Is that what you call it...banging your head? Probably not.  

16. Looked up head-banging.

I was right, after all. What they're doing is head-banging.

I just got confused. I thought I had used the term used in that way. But then when I wrote it out, I imagined someone banging their head AGAINST something.

17. Saw that the video is now getting a bit gruesome.


I guess it's not a good idea to move your head about when getting a hair cut.

18. Grossed out.

This is a funny video but quite gory.

19. Decided it's time to play my TV Guide game.

I'm looking for Australian actors in new American TV shows.  

The show I'm looking at today stars Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives.  It's called Telenovela.

20. Started looking at the cast of Telenovela.  I think most of the actors are Latin-American. I don't think there are a lot of Latin-American-Australians, but I'll do a little bit of checking.  

21. Consulted Lord Wiki about Latin-American Australians. He says they make up .91% of the population. If I'm doing my math right, that means about nine out of every thousand Australians have Latin American origins. 

Lord Wiki says 86,000 Australians say they were born in South America. Then there would be their descendants as well.

It's not a tiny amount, but I think it's fairly small.

Lord Wiki has a list of famous Australians with Latin origins. It's a pretty small list. Most are sport stars. Only four are actors. The one I've heard of before is Glen McMillan from Wonderland.

22. Saw that the next TV show on TV Guide is Uncle Buck. It's based on the old movie with the same name, but they changed the characters from being white to black.

23. Started looking at the cast of Uncle Buck.

24. Did not see any Australians.

25. Looked at the next show. It's Wicked City.  It stars Taissa Farminga from American Horror Story. I like her and her sister.

26. Thought that Wicked City sounds a bit like Underbelly. It's an anthology show that's going to concentrate on a different historical Los Angeles criminal case each season.  The first one deals with events from 1982.

27. Started to look at the cast of Wicked City.

28. Saw that Karen Ann Cabrera appears on this show. She's the one I saw yesterday. She was born in Australia but grew up in the Philippines.  

29. Looked through most of the cast. I didn't see any Australians. 

30. Looked at the next show. It's called You, Me, and the End of the World.  TV Guide says it's a British import. Could that mean it's actually a British show? Or is it the usual case—the US has remade a show?  

31. Looked at the show on IMDb. As far as I can tell, it's not a remake.  It's a joint effort between the UK and the US.  That's pretty cool.

Did they invite any Australians into the game?

32. Saw Marcus from Coronation Street in the cast!

33. Didn't find any Australians in the cast of You, Me, and the End of the World. But I didn't look at every single name. I might have missed someone. I think, though, that most of the cast is British, with a few Americans here and there.

34. Watched Vance Joy sing "From Afar".

I love that song.

It made me cry a little bit tonight.

I think I understand the lyrics more. I thought it was about loving someone from far away—distance-wise.  But now I'm thinking it's more about loving someone who doesn't love you back.

35. Saddened by these lyrics

But I've been living on the crumbs of your love 
And I'm starving now

It's beautiful, though. I think it's probably a universal thing. I'm sure most of us have had the experience of loving someone who doesn't love us back. Or they love us much less than we love them.

36. Looked at the YouTube channel of the video I watched. It's a London thing called CitySessionsUK 

They have live performances of various artists.

The only other Australian I recognize, on their list, is Gabriella Cilmi.  I haven't listened to anything from her in a long time.