Friday, October 23, 2015

Parenting, Savannah Smiles Nostalgia, Mixed Messages, and Daytime

1. Continued watching The Boys are Back on Netflix.

2. Saw Joe (Clive Owen) check his texts while driving.

He's really lax when it comes to safety.

2. Saw things in Joe that reminded me of myself.

First, there's the easygoing parent bit. He does chores himself rather than pushing his kids to help. I tend to be like that.

Second. He is insecure about his parenting and is sometimes swayed by other people's criticisms. I'm like that too.

Sometimes I have to work out whether I'm doing something because I feel it's right; or if I'm doing it because someone else, or a parenting book, said I should.

3. Saw Artie running after his Dad's car.  It made me think of Savannah Smiles.  I was trying to remember when Savannah ran after a car. But no, I think it was a flashback in the beginning of the film. A Young Alvie was running.

Or did I dream all this?

4. Found a website with Savannah Smiles online. Maybe an illegal one?

I skipped through the beginning, and didn't see the scene. But maybe it's later in the movie.

I think it was a sad thing with sad music, maybe.

5. Confused by Harry's (George MacKay) behavior in the The Boys are Back.

He insists that his father go on a road trip. He'll stay home and take care of Artie (Nicholas McAnulty).

While he's in care of his brother and the house, some teenagers come and cause trouble. They insist on being let in, and then they trash the house. It's a big mess.  Harry leaves and go back to England. Now Joe and Artie have flown all the way from Australia to England to see Harry. Harry doesn't want to see or talk to them. Why?

I can't figure out if he feels ashamed for what happened to the house and ashamed that he wasn't able to succeed in taking care of things. Or is he mad at his father for leaving them alone, even though he's the one that insisted his father leave?

6. Finished watching The Boys are Back.

I thought it was pretty good.  Harry's feelings and motivations confused me a bit. I'm getting the idea that when he told his father he was okay babysitting, he really didn't mean it. I think that was a bit unfair of him.

The kid had a hard life, though. His dad got another woman pregnant; then left the country. So, Henry felt abandoned.Then his mother got pregnant, and Henry felt unwanted in that little family unit.

I think divorce and custody issues are hard enough; but when it's a continent that separates the two parents...OYE.

7. Went to to pick my next thing to watch.

It's Rabbit Proof Fence...which I might have seen before. I'm not sure.

I'll start watching that on Sunday.

8. Started watching an episode of Upper Middle Bogan.

9. Saw that this episode has multiple references to American stuff.  When it's her night to pick the family TV show, Edwina (Lara Robinson) chooses a documentary about Obamacare. Brianna (Madeline Jevic) invents a lie about superglue being a fad in Los Angeles. And Game of Thrones is mentioned.

10. Liked the messages of the episode—surprises sometimes cause more stress than joy; and good gifts don't need to be overly expensive.

There was also a subplot about Instagram addiction and the need to distinguish between what should be public and private.

11. Heard the song "Daytime" by Jack Dolgen. I knew I used it in one of our Australian 2013 trip videos, but I couldn't remember which one.  I'm pretty sure it was for a Sydney-day, but I'm not positive.

Maybe it was our last day in Sydney?

12. Found the video, and I was right!  It's our last day in Sydney.

13.  Saw that the video includes a dramatic Tasmanian Devil fight.

14. Saw Jack running around Alf Stewart from Home and Away.

15. Went to palg1305's Flickr account.

Tonight I'm going to look at his Byron Bay album.

16. Thought that the sea and sky in this photo looks lovely.

17. Liked this beach photo.

There's a tree branch that sort of looks like an animal.

18. Thought the scenery in this photo was beautiful.

Byron Bay is quite pretty, and palg1305 did a good job capturing it.

19. Thought this sunset photo is dreamlike.

20. Saw a close-up photo of a person...finally!  Though I can't see her face. I wonder if it's someone palg1305 knows. Or did he sneak a photo of a stranger?