Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Flight Anxiety, Mystery Road, Police Racism, and Asian Love

1. Dreamed that, Jack and I are rushing to get on a Qantas flight. I realize I haven't brought any food on the plane with us. I decide this is probably okay, because Qantas is good at giving out food and snacks on a regular basis. But still, I worry a bit. What if that's changed, and they no longer give out a lot of food?

I'm guessing this was a sort of anxiety dream.  Jack and I are flying soon; though not on Qantas. It's been a very long time since I've flown without Tim. I'm used to him taking care of things.

In the past, I often flew alone. And when Jack was young, we flew to New York and Orlando multiple times without Tim.  It was no big deal for me.

2. Figured there's a chance the dream had nothing to do with our upcoming domestic flight. I do often have dreams about flying to Australia.

3. Started watching more of Mystery Road.

4. Bored a bit by this movie.

It's slow. It's like watching The Walking Dead but without the zombies.

5. Realized that the reason The Walking Dead came to my mind is I watched a scene with Detective Swan (Aaron Pedersen) shooting at glass bottles. That's the kind of thing that happens in The Walking Dead. When not shooting at zombies, people shoot at glass bottles.

6. Saw that although this movie doesn't have zombies, it does have wild dogs—wild dogs that eat dead bodies.

7. Started to like the movie more. I'm not sure it's about the plot or anything.  I think what I like are some of the very charming accents.

8. Thought that Ryan Kwanten looks quite good in this movie; though his character is probably a racist murderer.

9. Had a feeling that Pete (Kwanten) isn't the killer.

I think he's just a racist asshole.

Or maybe he's not racist. Maybe he just comes across that way; and in the end, we'll find out he's a good guy.

10. Figured I'm probably hoping that Pete turns out to be decent, because I'm finding him attractive in this movie.

I don't want to be attracted to a racist murderer.

11. Learned that Pete IS indeed racist. He talks about shooting people who come on the property, and this is especially the case if they're dark-skinned.

Okay, so he's definitely racist.

But still. He could be a racist whose bark is worse than his bite.

12. Got excited.

I wanted this movie to be horror-science fiction, and it might be the case!

The coroner just mentioned weird dog DNA found on the dead girl's body.

13. Thought about racism while watching the movie.  The US might no longer have legal slavery, and Australia no longer steals children from Aboriginal families. But racism is alive and well.

14. Thought about how the movie deals with racism in the police force.

I think there are two racist problems with the police. First they target black people more and are more likely to use excessive force with them. Second, there might be less attention and resources given when the victim of a crime is black rather than white.

The movie deals mostly with the second form of racism.

15. Realized that although I understand the themes of this movie; I don't understand a lot of the plot. Or at least I don't understand what's happening now.

16. Finished watching the movie.

I felt it was mediocre

17. Went to to pick my next thing to watch.

It's a movie called 33 Postcards.

18. Saw that I won't be watching 33 Postcards, after all.

I thought it was on Hulu or Netflix, but now I can't find it.

19. Tried again.

My next movie is Drift—a surfing movie starring Xavier Samuel and Sam Worthington.

Plus, it also has Ben Mortley from McLeod's Daughters!

I vaguely remember mentioning Drift when I wrote my post about Mortley.

20. Saw that one of the top Twitter trends for Australia is #Mama2015.

I wasn't sure what that was, so I Googled.

I learned that Mama 2015 is an Asian music awards festival.

I'm guessing Asian music and culture is very popular in Australia. It's popular here too.

One day I looked at Hulu to see what Anime they have, and there's so much!

Yesterday we went to the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. They have a new exhibit (or at least new to us).  It was about Kawaii—the Japanese love of cute things. I thought it was awesome.

21. Saw that #Mama2015 is also trending in my country.

I was wondering if maybe Americans are NOT as into Asian culture than Australia.

22. Saw that #Mama2015 is NOT trending in Dallas-Fort Worth, my hometown.

So I guess Asian culture is not so popular there.

I say there instead of here, because I'm not there at the moment.