Friday, January 29, 2016

Behavior Changes, Sneakiness, Justice Lease, and Strong Bladders

1. Started watching an episode of Wicked Science.

2. Surprised by the behavior of the science teacher (Robert van Mackelenberg) in this episode.

He's very nice to Dina (Saskia Burmeister), and acts impatient with Elizabeth (Bridget Neval).

Usually, it's the opposite.

3.  Saw the teacher learn that Elizabeth is the one that's been breaking into the science classroom. This event would give explanation for why he's being less nice to Elizabeth. The problem is it happened after his attitude changed.

Why did his behavior change before that?

4. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

5. Had a feeling that Braxton's (Stephen Peacocke) trial is going to end up with the same result as Peter's on Coronation Street.  Despite him being innocent, and his solicitor having a convincing argument for his innocence, the jury will still find him guilty.

6. Saw that the trial wasn't like Coronation Street. They did find convincing evidence for Braxton's innocence, but they also found good evidence for his guilt.


I actually don't know how damning the evidence is, because I wasn't watching the show when the murder happened.

7. Wondered if the viewers are even supposed to be confident of Braxton's innocence.

I kind of assumed he was, but maybe he's not.

With Coronation Street, the viewers were privy to Peter's innocence, and we also knew the identity of the real killer.

8. Went to the Tropfest website.

9. Realized I did not go to the Tropfest website.

I typed in the address, but didn't get there, because my Internet is not working.

10. Saw that it might just be Tropfest that's not working.

I got to Twitter okay.

11. Found that my Google News is still working.

So, it's just a Tropfest issue.

12. Tried getting to Tropfest by Googling rather than using my bookmark.

That worked.

I guess the problem is my bookmark.

13. Tried the bookmark again.

Now it's working.

That's good.

14. Clicked on the film "Bargain" and saw that it has the actress from Pitch Perfect. What's her name again?

15. Googled.

The actress is Rebel Wilson.

16. Started watching "Bargain".

17.  Finished watching the movie.

I didn't like it much until the ending.

18. Saw that "Bargain" has a lot of views on YouTube—more than I've seen for other Tropfest films.
I assume that's because of Rebel Wilson.

19. Saw from IMDb that Rebel Wilson was already quite successful before she appeared in "Bargain".

She had already starred in three TV shows—Pizza, The Wedge, and Bogan Pride.

20. Saw that Wilson appeared in a drama—an episode of City Homicide.

21. Looked at the actor in "Bargain". His name is Andrew Steel. He kind of looks like an American actor; but I don't know who I'm thinking of.

22. Saw that Andrew Steel was in an episode of Wonderland I've seen.

I can't say I remember him. It's been awhile since I watched that show.

23. Wondered if Chad Lowe is the American actor I'm thinking about.

24. Saw that Andrew Steele did three short films in 2015.

I wonder if any of them are Tropfest films.

25. Saw that Steele was in a TV comedy show called Fresh Blood Pilot Season. I'm guessing the title refers to the American pilot season.

Does Australia have something called a pilot season?

26. Googled, and learned Fresh Blood Pilot Season isn't about the American pilot season. It's a competition show with sketch comedy. They're looking for the next Chris Lilly.

27. Saw that Steele played Batman in a TV show called The Justice Lease.  It's a parody about superheroes in suburban Melbourne.

It kind of sounds like it would be a web series kind of thing.

28. Saw from this article that I'm right.

It is a web series.

29. Started to watch the first episode.

30. Liked it so far.

31. Finished watching the episode.

I thought it was fantastic. What I liked is that, even though it's a comedy, it has some pretty good dramatic acting.  There was this tense, sad moment, but still...all comedy.

It's hard to explain.

32. Looked at the filmography of Rachel Givney, the director of "Bargain".  She did script-type work for McLeod's Daughters, All Saints, Rescue Special Ops.

33. Saw that Rachel Givney has a website. She calls herself a content creator.

34. Googled content creator.

Lord Wiki says it's creating content. That would include blogs.

So I'm a content creator too.

35. Figured that there are a lot of content creators on the Internet.

36. Learned that Rachel Givney spent fourteen hours in a Singapore airport without using the bathroom.

That's impressive...and kind of scary.

I can barely last three hours.

37. Wondered what's the average time lapse between Rachel Givney's bathroom breaks.  I'm guessing fourteen hours was unusual for her. But does she often get close to that record?

38. Wondered why Givney didn't use the bathroom in Singapore. Was she bothered by the lack of cleanliness of the bathrooms? Does Singapore airport have bad bathrooms?

OR maybe she was dehydrated?

39. Found a blog post that says Singapore has great bathrooms.

You know, I remember reading that Singapore has really good airports. I think they actually have little hotel rooms where you can sleep for a few hours.

40. Bewildered by Rachel Givney's toilet deprivation.

41. Wondered if Givney didn't hold in her pee on purpose.  Maybe she didn't notice she hadn't peed until she got on the plane.

42. Thought of how Givney used the term bathroom instead of toilet. Maybe in Australia-language, toilet refers to pee and bathroom refers to bowel movements.

If so, fourteen hours is actually not that impressive.

43. Saw that Rachel Givney spends 13.2 hours a day thinking about film.

Well, there you go.

She was probably so deep in film-thought, at the Singapore airport, that she didn't notice her full bladder.

44. Looked at Givney's videos and saw that I've seen one of them before. It's a film called "Mind the Gap".  I think it had a twisty ending like "Bargain".  I mean not a similar twisty ending, but it's own unique kind of twist ending. Though now I can't remember what it was.

Kerry Armstrong is one of the stars. I think I watched the film when I wrote my post about her.

45. Decided to re-watch "Mind the Gap", because now I'm curious.

46. Remembered the twist when I started watching.

It was fun watching it a second time, knowing the outcome.

47. Decided that the twist ending in Mind the Gap IS actually similar to the twist in "Bargain"; though one film is a comedy and the other is a drama.

48. Started watching another Justice Lease episode.

The Bruce Banner actor looks familiar to me.

49. Looked up the actor. It's James Shepherd. I don't think I've seen him in anything before.

50. Felt an attraction to James Shepherd—not really in a romantic/crush kind of way.

It's more like he....

I have no idea, really.

He probably reminds me of someone from my past, and I have positive feelings about the person.

It might not be someone I know personally. It could be that he reminds me of an actor that I liked in the past.

51. Looked at him again, and guessed that it probably is an actor that he reminds me of, and not someone I know personally.

52. Could imagine James Shepherd becoming a big star someday.

Certain people just have a look about them.

53. Wanted to say that I don't have any particular talent finding talent. The only time I can think of that I sort of imagined a not-yet-very-famous person becoming famous was when I saw Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice.

That was many many years ago.