Friday, January 8, 2016

Feeling Overwhelmed, Feeling Like a Pest, Daniel Miller, and Fitness Room Memories

1. Dreamed that, I'm overwhelmed with watching Australian TV shows. It's like I have too much to watch in one day, and feel I won't be able to do it. I'm starting new shows without finishing old shows. It's all a confused mess. What makes it really hard is I have a time-consuming babysitting job.

Then I remember that I had planned to be watching only Neighbours and Home and Away for the rest of the year. The idea of going back to this makes me think things will get easier. Although then I soon remember Neighbours is no longer available to me.

Then I also dreamed that, Adam Hills appears on an American TV show. He's doing less comedy and more political commentary. He says something that my family finds offensive. They don't like him. I turn to Tracey, an Australian, and tell her I used to like Adam Hills, but then at one point he said something to offend me.  My getting offended seemed to have happened way before my family saw Hills and got offended.  

3. Wondered why I dreamed about Adam Hills. I haven't thought about him lately.

Then I had an idea. We saw the Hoop De Doo Revue show last Saturday. I think one of the singers may have subconsciously reminded me of Hill—the way he looked, and his voice. Although instead of an Aussie accent, the guy performed with a southern accent—quite similar to The Walking Dead's Governor.  The guy was like an Adam Hills-David Morrisey hybrid.

4. Started watching an episode of Scooter: Secret Agent.

5. Thought about when I first started watching the show.

I thought Scooter (Martin Sharpe) was annoying. I didn't like him.

Now he's grown on me. I think he's quite endearing.

6. Felt that the spies and their behavior towards Scooter reminds me some of my lucid dreams.

There's this place I sometimes go. I call it Dream City. There are offices in office buildings. I ask for help from the people who work there, and they seem annoyed by me. They seem to see me as a pest, just as the spies see Scooter as a pest.

7. Looked at the filmography of Steven Grives, who plays one of the agents that gives Scooter a hard time.  I saw that he played Catherine McClement's difficult ex-husband on Water Rats.

8. Watched the last episode of Scooter: Secret Agent while in the workout room.

I think it was a decent finale.

9. Went to to pick my next thing to watch.

It's a movie called Wyrmwood.

I have no idea what that is.

10. Saw on Netflix that Wyrmwood is a zombie movie!

That might be fun.

11. Saw from IMDb that Wyrmwood was filmed in Sydney and is an Australian movie.

12. Looked at the filmography of Kiah Roache-Turner, the writer and director of Wyrmwood.

Wyrmwood is his first full-length movie.  He also has two film shorts listed on IMDb.

Speaking of short films....

13. Went to the Tropfest website.

Today I'm going to watch a 2008 animated short film called "Fault"

14. Started watching the film.

It's computer animated, so it kind of feels like a Pixar short.

15. Finished watching "Fault".

It was cute—in a computer animated kind of way.

I can't say it was overly interesting to me. I don't think it was my kind of thing.  However, I kind of have something on my mind right now that might have distracted me. If I was less distracted, I might have liked it more.

16. Saw that Dan Miller, the writer, producer, and director of "Fault" was the art director and 3D artist for "The Story of Ned".

Besides those two projects, he doesn't have anything else on IMDb. I wonder why.  Has he stopped making films?

Did he give up on an animation career? Did he decide he prefers a different career?

Is he still alive? Is he okay?

17. Tried to find Dan Miller.

It's not easy, because it's not exactly an unusual name.

I'm guessing there are a lot of Dan Millers out there.

For example, there's a Daniel Miller who wrote a piece for the ABC about George Lucas changing the original Star Wars movies.

Could this be the Dan Miller who made "Fault"?  Maybe he went into journalism, and the topic would fit him. It's about computer visual effects.

18. Went to Daniel Miller's page on the ABC. They say he's been a journalist and producer for the ABC since 2010. Maybe he switched gears career-wise?

OR maybe he was always a journalist, and the short films are something he did on the side...for fun.

The ABC Daniel Miller has written a lot of articles about Star Wars and video gamse; though he's also written about political and current event stuff.

19. Guessed that this Daniel Miller is the same who made the film.

But I might be very wrong.

20. Saw from Daniel Miller's Twitter that his location is Brisbane.

On Tropfest, the location listed for "Fault" is ACT.

That gives me some doubt that the Daniel Millers are one and the same. Though it's quite possible that filmmaker Dan Miller relocated to Brisbane.

21. Felt it was best if I gave up on the Daniel Miller mystery.

22. Went back to the workout room and watched an episode of Home and Away.

I'm usually not a fitness room kind of person. I think this time I'm liking it because it's right next to our room; and there's hardly anyone in it.

23. Figured out another major thing about the fitness room.  In the past I never had a way to watch my own shows while exercising. I didn't have mobile Hulu, and headphones. Watching a show I want to watch makes exercise so much more enjoyable.

I think a treadmill or exercise bike with no decent entertainment is tortuous.

24. Had vague memories of using a fitness room at a hotel many years ago. If I remember correctly, what I watched on the provided television was news of Steve Irwin's death.

25. Googled and saw that Steve Irwin died on September 4, 2006.

Sometime in September 2006 we were at a hotel for Tim's family reunion. Tim, Jack, and many others went to the beach. I stayed behind because I had my period.  I wasn't in the mood for a beach. Plus, I probably just needed some time alone.

I wonder if I was watching news soon after Irwin's death. Or maybe it was a week or so later?

It could have been the funeral.

26. Consulted my past via Livejournal.

We were actually at a homeschooling conference around the time of Steve Irwin's death.  It looks like we were in Florida from the 15th-24th. Would they have had news coverage about Irwin's death that many days later?  Or is my memory playing tricks on me?

27. Googled and found out the big memorial service was on September 20.

I guess that's what I saw.

Or I'm remembering a dream.

I don't know.