Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Unfriendly People Heading to Melbourne, Table-Reads, Complicated Relationships, and Kelly Cahill

1. Dreamed that, I try venting to a random girl who's witnessed some drama between my dad and myself. She doesn't seem very interested or supportive.  She's not very friendly towards me and doesn't seem to like me. Still, I continue to try to be friendly.  

I see that she has a passport with her. I ask if she's going somewhere. She tells me she's going to go live in Australia. I act excited for her.  I ask more questions and learn she's moving to Melbourne.  I correct her on her pronunciation of Melbourne, which makes me feel like a know-it-all.

I feel some sort of mild compulsion to tell her about my Australia-obsession but end up keeping it quiet.

Later I think about the girl and realize I was jealous of her move to Australia. This surprises me, because I thought I was over being jealous of other people going to Australia. I decide maybe it bothered me, because I didn't like the girl. Maybe I'm bothered only by people I dislike moving there.  
There's a small chance I combined two dreams not connected. I'm not 100% sure that the girl going to Australia is the same girl who witnessed my family drama.  

I'm pretty sure, though. It SEEMED like the same girl. 

2. Wished I could get verification about whether I'm right or not, but that's kind of impossible with dreams.  

3. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

4. Had an idea about what I feel is wrong with the dialogue in Adore, the movie I started watching yesterday.

At times, it feels like the actors are reading their lines for a read-through.  It's like they're reading the dialogue for the first time but are still able to put some acting abilities in it.

It's probably weird for me to say that, because it's not like I've watched many read-throughs.  

5. Saw that there are a lot of read-through videos on YouTube.

6. Watched a little bit of the read-through of The Office finale.

It made me a little teary-eyed even though I've really not watched the show (except for maybe a part of one episode)  But it's the last episode, and all these people are going to be soon saying good-bye to each other.

AND it's the whole end of an era thing. That tends to make me emotional.

7. Started to resume my watching of Adore.

8. Felt myself getting confused.

I keep forgetting which son goes with which mother.  

9. Thought that, although, it's not ideal for a woman to fall in love with her best friend's son; it works out well that there are two women, two sons, and two love affairs.  

If the boys are of legal age, I think they should just go for it. Yeah. It's strange. But if it makes all of them happy, why not keep on with it?  

It would be different if it wasn't a mutual thing. I think there'd be more anger and resentment.  

10. Remembered to consider Harold (Ben Mendelsohn) in the equation. He's the husband of Roz (Robin Wright). So she's actually cheating on him when sleeping with Ian (Xavier Samuel).  

11. Thought of it more and realized the relationships might not be an okay idea.

It's great if both relationships last, and both moms live happily ever after with each other's son. But it's likely there will be break-ups and heart-aches, and that's going to put a huge strain on the friendships.

12. Realized I'm being a hypocrite.

I've recently talked about how I don't think people should stand in the way of love. We shouldn't block love out of a worry that it might not last. We shouldn't block love just because we worry it can ruin friendships.

On Wonderland, Tim (Steve Beaumont) refuses to give his blessing to his friend Tom (Michael Dorman) dating his sister (Anna Bamford).  

Since I feel it was wrong of Tim to try to stand in the way of that relationship, I should be against Roz and Lil (Naomi Watts) standing in the way of each other's relationship.

UNLESS the sons are underage. I'm not sure of that point yet. They look to be older than seventeen, but I'm not great at estimating ages.  

13. Thought about the downsides of a young man being with a much older woman.

The main one is it might mean that making babies is out of the picture. But the same can be said for gay couples.

The other argument is that the twenty-year-old might be fine with the forty-five year old. But how's he going to feel when the forty-five-year-old is sixty five?

Well, yeah. He might lose the love.

From what I've read, though, most men prefer women in their twenties. So if a twenty-year-old guy gets together with a twenty-year-old woman, there's a fair chance he might lose interest in her when she's forty. He might dump her and seek out a woman much younger.  

14. Wondered if there's a certain type of man who prefers much older women. Are they more mature than other men? Less mature? Do they have mother issues?  Or could it say something positive about their relationship to their mother?

15. Thought that it might not have to do with the least not in a general sense.  

16. Intrigued by a scene in the movie.

The two sons, Ian and Tom (James Frecheville), have an intense fight in the ocean. It seems like they might actually want to kill each other.

Their moms break it up.Then each of the moms stands by/comforts their boyfriend NOT their son.

That kind of surprises me.

17. Thought about how there are many times where people are caught in a fight between a relative and lover, or a relative and friend.    

For example, a woman might be caught in the middle of a fight between her husband and sister. Whose side does she go on? Is she betraying her husband if she takes her sister's side? Is she betraying her sister if she takes her husband's side?

What complicates things even further is when there's a double relationship.  I think I've seen it only in fiction. In Adore, it's two young men and two mothers. There, it's not just a woman choosing between her son and her lover.  Her situation is mirrored by her best friend.

There were two double-connections  on Coronation Street but not ones involving mothers dating each other's sons. Instead they had a sister and brother dating a sister and brother.Then there was also  a woman and man partnered while their sons and daughters are partnered.   

18. Imagined getting in a fight with one of my brother-in-laws. That's stressful enough.  But I think it would be much even MORE stressful if my sister's husband happened to also be my husband's brother.  

My sister would be mad at me, and my husband would probably be too. I'd probably get doubly attacked. (Triple including my brother-in-law!) 

19. Felt like my brain is spinning with lots of confusion.  

I'm also wondering if my comparisons are off. Maybe the situations on Coronation Street are very different to the one on Adore.  

20. Thought about how the fight didn't seem to cause much drama in Adore. The mothers seemed fine that they each stood by the other woman's son.  

What if they didn't?  What if Roz felt Lil's son was to blame?  What if she bitched Ian out for fighting with her son?  Then Ian might get mad at Roz for blaming him, and Lil too might get mad at her friend for yelling at her son.  

Or it could have been the opposite. What if Roz felt her own son was to blame? Then Lil might get mad at Roz for being mean to her boyfriend.

21. Saw that the movie jumped ahead two years.

I'm in suspense.

Are the two couples still together? Or did they break up?

22. Saw that the two sons are still friends at least.

23. Learned that Lil and Tom are still together.

24. Heard Jessica Tovey, from Wonderland, sing in the movie.  I think she has a lovely voice....well, unless she's lip-synching. 

I'm going to guess she's really singing.

Anyway, I have an idea what's going to happen. One of the guys is going to fall in love with her. Then the happy foursome is going to be shattered.  

25. Decided I like this movie a lot.

It's giving me a lot to think about.

I like the various themes and conflicts.

Right now I think it's going into a eden-lost kind of thing.

These four people have this strange, but idyllic, little clique. Now it's going to be broken apart by an outsider.  One woman will lose her boyfriend. The other woman won't lose her son, per se; but she'll probably be spending a lot less time with him. And the same goes for the other son in the story. He'll end up seeing much less of his best friend.   

26. Stopped watching Adore for today.

I'll watch more tomorrow. 

27. Watched the X-Files.

An alien abduction in Victoria was mentioned.

I wonder if it's based on a real story.

28. Googled and saw it's based on a true story. There are several websites that mention the alleged abduction of a woman named Kelly Cahill.

29. Clicked on a recent article, and saw that it was written in response to the X-Files episode.  

30. Learned from the article that the name Kelly Cahill was a pseudonym used to protect the privacy of the real woman.'s probably smart to use a fake name in that kind of situation.

31. Learned that the incident happened in the Dandenongs.

32. Wondered about the whole privacy thing, because she appeared on a show called Today Tonight, and she published a book about her experiences.  Oh, and she also became a keynote speaker at UFO conferences.  She did all that with a fake name?  

33. Started to watch a video  about Kelly Cahill.  

34. Wondered if the article had it wrong about her using a fake name.

It just doesn't make sense to hide behind a fake name but then make public appearances promoting your experiences.

35. Thought that Kelly Cahill (or whatever her name is) seems very believable when she tells the story.

That's not saying I'm convinced it's true.

But she definitely has me seriously considering it.  

36. Started to proofread this post and saw I contradicted myself regarding Adore.

In the beginning, I talk about how it makes things easier to have double connections in a relationship. Then later I talk about how these double connections make things more complicated.

Which past me do I agree with now?


When things are going well in the little clique, these double connections can be wonderful. When things are going bad, I think the double connections can make things worse.  

It's kind of like the stronger the cohesiveness, the worse it hurts when pulled apart.