Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Could I Assist John Green?

Though my conscious seems to be over Australia, the same might not be true for my subconscious.

I dream about Australia sometimes.  

Last night I had dreams that seem to come from someone who is still quite into Australia.

In one dream: Jack and I are at an out door festival/concert. I see John Green.  I ponder the idea of they're one day being a Crash Course series about Australia. I think about how maybe I could help with that.  

Shit. I can't find the color I usually use for my dreams.

I guess I'll have to change it.  

It's a bit bright.

In the other dream: There are some birds hanging around. One seems to be a Kookaburra.  There's some excitement over that. Someone asks me what they eat. I say "meat" and they have trouble hearing me.  Later: I get a Kookaburra to come through my window by doing the Kookaburra call. Then other Aussie animals come through as well.

The Kookaburra seemed like a real animal. The other animals (such as a koala) seemed more like animated stuffed animals.  And I don't think the dream Kookaburra matched what a real life Kookaburra looks like. I think it was big and looked more like a vulture.

Dreams are what pushed me into being obsessed with Australia in the first place. Maybe that's what's happening again. Though it's not working yet. Right now I feel numb towards Australia. 

 I feel numb towards life in general.

It's like life just seems too outrageous, and my brain can't keep up with it all.

Before I was thinking, that life has become like a TV show that has jumped the shark.  But then I decided, no...that's not it.  It's more like a TV show that has jumped the shark way too many times; yet it's still on the air.

In order to stay sane and happy, I have to appreciate the small things. Like dandelions in the yard. We have a lot of them right now.