Friday, March 23, 2018

My Life in 1987 (Part 1)

More excerpts from my teenage diary. These Hallmark diaries were supposed to last for only a year, but I had my first one for over two.  I think it's because I didn't write in it consistently.

I had a dream about Nuclear War. The radio announced it and after everyone thought they were going to die, the radio said just kidding. (1/15/87) Maybe that was a psychic dream about what was going to happen in Hawaii 31 years later.

I got an F on my science test "earthquakes". (1/26/87).  Oops.

I went early to school to work on my art project. In S.S we finished studying Georgia Indians. In gymnastics I am so bad. I hate Michael G. (1/29/87).  So far, these 1987 entries are mostly about school. There's much less stuff about CF.   

My mom, dad, and I watched Agnes of God. (1/30/87). I remember liking that movie a lot. I think it was one of my obsessions, but a minor one. 

I called the C.F.F to ask for volunteer work. I'm going to work there this summer. (2/2/87). Well, I was still into CF, and I should have known that because I end up working at the CF camp. But I think that was a few years later.  

Jon likes me. I like him. Isn't that great.  What???!!!  (2/5/87) I don't remember any boy liking me. I especially don't remember any mutual attractions.  And I don't even remember knowing a Jon.

Ah! I just saw that I misread things. Jon liked me. I liked Han. I guess I was being sarcastic when I said it was great. 

I really believe Han likes me. (2/6/87). Yeah...I think I was delusional.  

Today in P.E. because of the science fair, we watched Poltergeist II. It was good, plus Han was sitting in front of me. (2/9/87) VERY romantic.

Oye. I'm having a hard time reading a lot of these entries, because they're written in colored pencil.

I caused a big fight in my family. (2/28/87).  I don't explain what happened in the fight. I find it interesting that I took responsibility for it. Was I fully to blame?  Well...I probably was. I'm not shy about bitching about others in my diary. If I felt someone else was to blame, I would have probably said so.

Han got his haircut  He looks different. I still like him, though. (3/2/87). I wonder if I was being honest about that. 

Han got a jean jacket today. Wow! He looks good in it. (3/6/87). I wonder if it went well with his new haircut.

I like Han more than ever now because I talked to him a lot and he talks to me now and he smiles more. (3/13/87). There's a little part of me that's thinking, what if there WAS a mutual attraction between Han and myself and we were both too shy to do anything about it?  It would be so sweet. 

But another part of me is thinking Han and I might have exchanged like ten words, and that would have led me to hearing wedding bells.  

Nightmare on Elm Street III is so good. (3/16/87). Nightmare on Elm Street was another one of my obsessions. 

I don't know who I like, Han or Jon. (3/23/87). Wow! I wasn't expecting that development. Was I in the midst of a love triangle. I wish I remembered Jon. Was I actually starting to like him? Or was I settling because I so strongly desired a boyfriend?  

Today Heather Langenkamp was on the ABC Afterschool Special. It was called Can a Guy Say No? (4/1/87) I had a crush on Heather Langenkamp, and the homophobic side of myself was quite ashamed of that. I do remember that afterschool special. For some reason, what stands out to me is that it featured a Hostess Snow Ball.  

In Math I found out Han's favorite movie is Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and he wants to live in Hawaii when he grows up. (4/6/86)  I am now totally shipping Han and my 14-year-old self.

I wonder if Han's wish to move to Hawaii came true.