Monday, September 24, 2018

Anal Sex

Lately I've been looking at the search statistics for my blog.

The main reason people drop by?

They want to learn more about dropping one's bucket in the dirt, something I first heard about while watching Offspring.

I wonder if everyone who Googles the bucket/dirt thing heard it on Offspring.

Or has it been mentioned elsewhere?

Either's quite disheartening.

Other things that bring people to my blog: Geoff Paine married, Ben Mortley, Danny Raco's wife.

Who is Danny Raco?

I don't even know...much less his wife.

Okay. I just Googled. He's an actor. My blog is listed on the first page, but just by glancing at the Google entry, I can see that I really didn't talk about his wife.  It's just I mentioned both Danny Raco and "wife" in the same post.

More things people search for: Matt Corby Gay, Shane Gould first husband, Ian Meadow's wife....

Basically it seems people come to my blog to learn about anal sex slag and to find out the relationship status of Aussie celebrities.

And there are a lot of variations of the bucket-dirt thing. The top one is simply "Drop your bucket in the dirt". But I also get, "Aussie slang drop your bucket in the dirt", "dropping buckets in the dirt" "drop bucket in dirt" "What does drop your bucket in the dirt mean?" and "What does it meant to drop your bucket in the dirt."

I hope my blog has helped to educate people. 

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