Friday, September 4, 2020



Something VERY weird just happened to me.

Weird but meaningless...probably.

So I finished watching this pretty cool low budget horror movie called Chatter.  It's like ghosts via video chat. 

Well, I'm assuming it's low budget by what I saw on the film. If it's not low budget...yikes on them.

Anyway, when I finished watching the show, I got a little message from Amazon Prime saying something like Coming up next: Outnumbered Season 3.

I thought that was odd, because I'm pretty sure that back when I watched Outnumbered, I did so on Hulu and not on Amazon.

But maybe I'm wrong.

Well, I'm looking at my Amazon Prime app now. There's a list of my shows, and Outnumbered isn't on it.  Although to be fair, I also looked at Outnumbered on Hulu, and it has me starting Outnumbered with season 1.  But that's happened to me with other shows recently.

Anyway, though....that's not the weird thing. I mean that's mildly weird but not super weird.

Okay, but then....

My tradition is to pick a new show after I've finished watching an old one.

I have a list of 150 shows and movies. I use to pick my next one.

So after finishing Chatter, I picked my next show.

Can you guess where this is going?


I ended up with Outnumbered!!!

Now I have to figure out which season I'm on.

It might actually be season 3.

Maybe instead having a scary video chat ghost, I have a very helpful screening app ghost.

Outnumbered, by the way, is a very cute and funny British comedy about parents who struggle to deal with three very clever and energetic children. 

The other show I'm watching lately is season 2 of Supernatural.  Well, that's by myself. Then Tim and I started watching Ramy last night. I learned about Ramy from one of my cousins. So far, I'm loving it. It's a comedy about a young Muslim man who's looking for his first Muslim girlfriend. And when he loses his job, he's pushed by his mother to work for his anti-semitic uncle. It really shows Muslims in a different way than they're usually showed in American movies and TV shows. 

Not all fictional Muslims are terrorists on the American screen, but I think most of them are really serious and uptight. Ramy is a refreshing change to all that. 

Back to Outnumbered, I'm going to try to figure out what season I'm on. Since 2016, I've been keeping a list of every single movie and show I watch. I should've written it down by season, but I didn't.  I can, though. maybe figure it out by counting the number of times I've watched Outnumbered.

Okay. I looked on my Google Doc.

I watched Outnumbered in December 2016 and then again in March 2017. So I'm probably on season 3...UNLESS I started watching the show before I started writing all the shows down. 

Actually, now I remember recently, while reading old posts, seeing mention of Outnumbered. I should find that post. There might be a clue there.

Before I do that, let me just doesn't seem like it's been three years since I've watched Outnumbered. Time really goes by fast.

Well, shit. Never mind. 

I found an old post from February 2018 where I mention watching Outnumbered.

Did I forget to write that long on my massive list. If so, can I ever trust that list again?

Or maybe the FIND function simply wasn't working well when I searched the document for Outnumbered.

Okay. Good. It's the FIND function that messed up.  I do have it written down that in February 2018 I watched Outnumbered.

Time still goes by fast...but not as fast as I was feeling a few moments ago. 

Well...and I just did the FIND function again, and it turns out I also watched a season of Outnumbered in July 2017.

So I've actually watched four seasons of Outnumbered. I'm on season 5.

The TV show streaming ghost app failed me. But that's okay. I forgive it. 

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