Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Plans

I think I'm going to start researching and writing about our different days in Australia.

We have thirty-two days there total, but this includes our arrival and departure day.

Then four days are travel days--driving around New South Wales and flying to Tasmania. I'm sure we'll do things on those days, but I don't really want to plan anything.   We'll just kind of see how long it takes us to drive.   We'll get lost, find out way, check in, unpack, and if there's daylight left, we'll go do something spontaneous and fun.

I'm leaving it up to my Tasmanian friend to figure out what we'll be doing there, so I won't write about that. But maybe I'll research her city--history and all that.  That'll be fun.

I think we'll leave one or two days for exploring the area near our hotel--well, basically the CBD.   We can go to the museums, visit the Opera House, say hi to the bats in the Royal Botanical Gardens, etc.

So, I'll just be writing about the days left over.

Oh yeah, I'll also subtract the days on the South Coast when we're just hanging out at the beach.

To be safe (just in case I'm interesting enough to have a stalker) I'm not going to talk about on what date we're going to do what.   Also, Tim suggested I not do this anyway so we can stay flexible.  I hope to get together with friends while we're there so we're going to have to work around schedules.

I don't want to sit there and say "No, we can' t go to the zoo with you on the 20th. That's the day we're going to Glebe and I'm not changing it!"


  1. The guy I almost married lives in Tasmania.

  2. Mandy,

    Should I drop in on him and say "Mandy says hi?"

  3. Ohhh the pressure of it all!

    It's funny, I want to show you Tassie but I'm scared you won't like it and have come all this way for you to say to Tim on the way home "Woah what a boring place that was!" lol

    Please have a look and see if anything grabs you. :-)

  4. How long does it take you to do Glebe?

  5. Tracey:

    You and your family are the main attraction for us. I can't imagine you guys being boring. I think it's going to be the opposite. I think we'll all be totally crazy.

    I kind of see Tasmania as a long playdate that happens to be taking place thousands of miles away from my home. Tara and Jack will be adorable together. Tyrone and Tim will talk and talk. We'll bond. It'll be nice.

    As for Tasmania, it sounds lovely to me. It doesn't sound boring.

    It kind of reminds me of Fort Worth--except you guys have more Marsupial things.

  6. Anja,

    I've never done Glebe before so I have no idea.

    I figure we'll dedicate a day to it probably so we don't feel rushed.

    And if it ends up taking only a few hours, we'll find something last minute to do.

    It's hard to know with these things. When we did the Farmers Market at Moore Park, I imagined it being a few hours. But then we got lost so it ended up probably taking us much longer.

    When we went to the zoo, I insisted to my cousin that we'd be there all day. We were too hot and lost interest after a few hours.

  7. Penni,

    I'm almost positive it won't be me. But now I'm kind of curious enough to try to find someone.

    I could do a survey or something.

  8. I suggest you go to Glebe on a Saturday when the markets are on. Basically the part of Glebe I imagine will be of most interest is Glebe Point Road. It boasts Sydney's best bookshop, Gleebooks--and don't forget to go all the way along Glebe Pt Rd and visit their specialist children's bookshop as well.

    I don't think you'll need the whole day in Glebe, although I would suggest you pack a picnic and head all the way down to the park at the end of Glebe Pt Rd (away from Parramatta Rd). You could get a bus down, or else it's a long but pleasant walk. And then you can walk around the foreshore into Annanndale, another favourite inner west suburb of mine. (My great grandfather built a lot of it and was mayor.) If you do all that, then you'll need most of the day. But if you're just doing the shops along Gebe Pt Rd, then half a day, including the markets, I reckon would be adequate.



  9. misrule,


    What are the markets like? Is it food? Crafts?

    We're going to have a lot of days in Sydney, but not many weekend days so we're going to have to balance all that.

    I DEFINITELY want to go to the bookstore. I've heard about it, but we failed to go last time.

    The picnic idea sounds great. I don't know if we're going to want to bring food from the hotel. Do you think there's any place to pick up food there? A restaurant? Grocery store? Well, dumb question. Of course there will be things. But anything you recommend???