Thursday, October 2, 2008

We've Lost That Loving Feeling

We've been still waiting for season three of McLeod's Daughters. It seems as if it will never get here. Out of desperation, Tim ordered the 7th disk of the season. I guess he decided we could watch it out of order.  Jack  got upset about this idea and heavily protested.

Then today I opened the Blockbuster envelope and Jack again declared that he did not want to watch it.   Okay, but not just that.  He doesn't want to watch McLeod's Daughters period. He's over it.   It's almost like suddenly he has an aversion to it.  That happens with Jack sometimes. One day he loves something and another day he acts terrified of it. And you can't really ask him about it because he'll just say Let's talk about something else.

The funny thing is though, as I was thinking about watching it without him, I realized something.  I don't want to watch it either.  I'm over it too. As Tim says, we were in the zone and now we're out of it.   I already know what happens. I know who dies.  I know who pretends to die.   I know who finds out their father is not their father. I know who gets remarried. I know who gets taken away. There are not many surprises left for us.

I do feel a little sad.   Also, maybe a little scared.   Can love die that easily?   Will I wake up one morning and realize I have absolutely no interest in Australia?

Sometimes, it does return though. Jack lost interest in Star Wars and then got back into it later.    The last episode of Lost greatly unimpressed me and I had no excitement about ever getting back to it.

Then a day or so ago, my sister's friend posted a blog entry about Lost. Suddenly, I was so excited to watch it again.

You never know what can happen.

Here's something funny and weird though.  Last night, I wanted to see if Jack actually now had an aversion to McLeod's Daughters.  I decided I'd play some McLeod's Daughters songs from my YouTube playlist.  If he has an aversion, he'll ask me to turn the music off.   He didn't. He had no complaints which was a relief to me.   But YouTube started acting uncooperative.  It kept stopping the songs.  Hiccuping. At the same time, Jack's computer screen went dark while he was playing Sims.   I joked that we must have a Poltergeist.   Jack ran down excitedly to tell Tim and Tim came upstairs to try and save the day. I think Tim and Jack got this idea that Tim is a ghostbuster.

I joked to Tim that the ghost might not like McLeod's Daughters and other videos would work.  It ended up being true!  We listened to Paul Kelly, The Waifs, and The Panics.   Absolutely no problems there. But any time I tried to put on a song related to McLeod's Daughters, it started acting up again.

You know I think there's a theory that poltergeists aren't ghosts--just children in the house with a lot of pent up aggression and telekinetic powers.  So, maybe even though Jack didn't have a conscious objection to The McLeod's Daughters music, he might have had some unconscious aggression that messed up his computers and the songs.

That's one theory.

Another theory could be that something out there doesn't want us watching McLeod's Daughters anymore and it's using Jack as one of its messengers.

Or it all could have been a funny coincidence.


  1. Maybe Jack just got some taste?

    Lol, c'mon, it's only a joke. haha.

    Hope you are well.

  2. Tribog,


    I'm well. No, not really. I'm sick.

    You're funny. One day I'm going to torture you with episodes of McLeod's Daughters. So, watch out.