Sunday, November 15, 2009

Andrew O'Keefe

I'm not a happy camper right now. We're leaving for Disney World in three days, and I'm feeling slightly ill. It seems to be just a small cold, and hopefully that's all it is. But I've been nervous about getting sick. Rhonda Byrne would probably say I got sick BECAUSE I've been nervous about it. She might be right. Or I could have caught a bug. Or maybe my worrying made me more susceptible to catching a bug. I do have a strong mind/body connection.

Jack seems to have a small cold. It hasn't resulted in a fever or lack of energy. So hopefully that's all I caught.

I can deal with a cold.

Anyway, on with Andrew O'Keefe.

I'm guessing he's a a performer of some sort, because the names behind him on my list were performers, and the names ahead of him are performers. I'm guessing I added a bunch of actor-type people all at once.

Lord Wiki says O'Keefe is a game show host...Deal or No Deal.

I'm not sure why I added him to the list.

I don't really watch game shows.

Lord Wiki says baby Andrew was born on 1 October 1971. His birthday is one day before my sister's birthday. Although we didn't celebrate my sister's birthday this year. Nor did we celebrate my mom's. We're going to celebrate their birthday along with my birthday over the Thanksgiving holidays. It's getting too hard to celebrate every single birthday. People are busy. People go out town. So, some of us want to combine birthdays. It just makes things easier. Someone suggested celebrating all the male birthdays on one day, and all the female birthdays on another day. But to me, that just replicates mother's day and father's day. The four kids get their own birthday celebration. We wouldn't rob them of that. Then all of us adults are mothers and fathers.

I know I'm going off in major tangents. But how much is there to say about a game show host? Watch I say this, and O'Keefe turns out to have a super interesting life.

But come on. Tell me. Could it ever be more exciting than my family's birthday celebration plans?

Little baby Andrew was born and raised in Mosman, Sydney. That's where the zoo is! I wonder if he went to the zoo a lot when he was a child. We live pretty close to our zoo. We don't go very often now....maybe 4-5 times a year. But there have been years where we've gone much more often.

O'Keefe's daddy was a judge in the New South Wales supreme court. I guess Andrew initially followed in his father's law footsteps. Lord Wiki says that he was once a property lawyer.

Before all that though, O'Keefe attended Saint Ignatius College. This is the same school that Robert Hughes went to, although I'm sure Hughes went there YEARS before O'Keefe went.

During his school years, O'Keefe did some debating. In 1989, he was on the winning New South Wales Team at the National Schools Debating Championships. That reminds me of Looking for Alibrandi. Or was the debate team stuff in Melina Marchetta's other book? I can't remember now. I'm pretty sure it was Looking For Alibrandi.

O'Keefe went to The University of Sydney. But he also studied at something called Marylands TAFE. I've heard of TAFE before, but now I've forgotten what it is. Oh. It's South Western Sydney Insitute. That doesn't sound very familar to me. Maybe I haven't read about it before. Maybe I'm just confused. Maybe this cold is going to my brain.

While in school, O'Keefe was interested in something called Theatressports. Lord Wiki says this is improvisational stuff. That's funny, because about a minute ago, Jack came into here talking to me about improvisation.

I should read into this. It has all kinds of games. There might be something we can play with the family during Thanksgiving.

There's one game called genre replay. You do the same scene, but with different genre styles. You could make it a comedy, than drama, then horror, etc. I think that would be fun.

Oh! I love this one. It's called Alphabet. Each line has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. One person starts with the letter A. The next person has to start their line with the letter B. And so on.....

There's Emotional Roller Coaster. The players act out a scene. Then someone yells out emotions. The player has to incorporate these emotions into the scene.

I'm just going to print out the list and take it with me on Thanksgiving.

Oh. If I'm reading this right, O'Keefe liked this Theatresport stuff, but he didn't participate. I guess he was more of an audience member?

O'Keefe is married. He has two sons.

What else?

In November 2008, someone filmed O'Keefe while heavily intoxicated. He was on the ground. Someone helped him up. Then O'Keefe asked for a shoulder to cry on. Poor guy. I hope he found that shoulder.

Oh. Andrew was not always Andrew. He was originally Mark. So earlier, when I said baby Andrew, I was being very inaccurate.

I'm going to read about Deal or No Deal. I think I've seen part of one episode of the American version. Here it's hosted by....

Shit. I forgot.

Howie Mandel. There we go.

Lord Wiki says the show was originally a dutch thing. Then like a virus, it spread around the world. It looks like almost every country in the world has a version of the show.

I feel I should read about how the game is played, but I'm too tired. Right now it's equivalent to me trying to understand Cricket.

Maybe I'll just watch a clip from the show.

Oh! You know. I don't think I ever saw a real episode of this. You know what I saw? I think they had a dream sequence on Medium involving the game. I think it was the episode with Nev Campbell. I could be wrong though.

Here is a video with what is supposed to be the unluckiest contestant.

I don't understand it at all, but I guess something quite bad is happening.

I am SO lost.

I'm going to quit early.

I'm not in the mood for thinking....especially about binge drinking and invasion-of-privacy controversies.

I feel a bit drunk myself right now. Although all I've drunk is herbal tea and vitamin C stuff.

I guess the best thing to do when feeling drunk is to tell people you love them.


I love you guys. Okay? There you go.


  1. That's about the length of post Andrew deserves. I like him, though, don't get me wrong. TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education. I actually had Deal or no Deal on in the background while I was reading this (which I normally wouldn't so that was a bit spooky).

  2. Martin,

    That's weird about Deal or No Deal....definitely eerie. Did you end up watching it?

    Speaking of TV, I keep forgetting to tell you....

    Tim rented Mother and Son for me! So I've been watching that.

  3. I love you too. I thought Andrew O'Keefe was gay - whoops!

  4. Enjoy watching Mother and Son! No I didn't watch Deal or No Deal, heaven forbid! That's another saying that in the US is something different; occasionally I've heard "heaven forfend". Speaking of weird language, what was that country you wrote you may 'convert' to? I need to translate that thing you wrote about my mother so knowing the country would be useful:).

  5. Deirdre: Well, maybe he still is. Who knows! Thanks for the love : )
    I need it right now!

    Martin: I've heard only "heaven forbid" in America. Or are you saying in Australia, you say "Heaven forfend?"

    The country was Iceland. I probably won't convert though. I'm too bonded to Australia.

  6. That's good to hear from my point of view (that you won't convert to The Girl Who Wished She Was Icelandic). Now I just need to translate. Oh, that was a nice thing to say. Thank you for that. I can tell mum her honour is intact. No, the forfend expression always seems to be used by a certain kind of educated American. Maybe it's a WASP thing (no offence intended to white Anglo-saxon (Celtic?) Protestants).

  7. Martin,

    You reminded me of the fact that I can't speak for all Americans. I guess sometimes I have that delusion. But I'm sure there are many pockets of people, with their little sayings, that I'm totally unaware of.