Friday, November 20, 2009

Jason Donovan

This post might be awful. I'm in a blah mood. I'm not feeling well, and I'm slightly depressed.

The good news is... I know who Jason Donovan is. Well, I don't know much. I know he's from an Aussie soap opera...probably Neighbours. I'm pretty sure he was Joseph in the London performance of Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat. Although perhaps I'm confusing with him with another Donovan.

The name Donovan reminds me of Mike Donovan from V....the OLD original V. I loved that show. I'm still not sure how I feel about the new one. I prefer Flashforward. That show keeps getting better and better.

Baby Jason was born on 1 June 1968 in Malvern Melbourne. I'm not sure if I've ever heard of Malvern. There's names of famous people from there, and I haven't written about any of them. So it's likely I actually have never encountered Malvern. That makes me feel better. I don't like when I've written about something and then forgotten about it.

Daddy Donovan was an actor on Neighbours. Ah. It runs in the family.

Mommy Donovan was an actress well as a news reader for ABC. Although she's not really a Donovan anymore. The marriage broke up. She became (or went back to being) Sue McIntosh.

Wow. Donovan's half sister was also on Neighbours. What's the deal? I wonder which one of them got on the show first.

The sister is Stephanie McIntosh.

Both Jason and Stephanie are also singers.

I guess talent runs in the family.

Donovan attended a Roman Catholic School called De La Salle College. Lord Wiki says the school now has a program in which kids can give up their summer holidays, and instead go to India and help rebuild houses destroyed by the Tsunami. That's pretty cool.

Donovan has a partner which he sort of married in Bali. It wasn't legal, so I guess it doesn't fully count. Supposedly, he planned to get legally married in early 2009. It's already late 2009. I wonder if he changed his mind. Or is Lord Wiki a bit behind?

Donovan and his lovely sort-of wife have a daughter and a son. They're both around Jack's ages. Maybe I should arrange a playdate.

When Donovan was eight, he had his first TV appearance. This was on an episode of a show called Skyways. Kylie Minogue played his sister in the episode. Later they'd be brought back together on Neighbours.

In 1981, Donovan was in a TV miniseries about polio called I Can Jump Puddles. It doesn't look like he had a huge role in the show.

In 1983, Donovan was on a TV series called Home. According to this online forum, the show was about a children's home. Does anyone remember it?

Donovan started his Neighbours thing in 1986. The character he played was Scott Robinson. But he wasn't the first person to play Scott. Another actor named Darius Perkins had the role first. But he was naughty, and the show bosses fired him. Oops. Well, I guess that was a good thing for Donovan.

I had fun exploring the life of a soap opera character yesterday. I think I'll do that again. Let's see what has happened to Scott Robinson.....

1. Mother died in childbirth
2. He ended up in a romance with his childhood friend....who he once mistook for being a burglar. (I think I've actually seen this scene before)
3. Had a thing going on with his teacher's daughter. The teacher didn't approve

Well, that's actually all Lord Wiki has about Scott Robinson. I'm guessing there has to be more to him than that.

Here's a website about Neighbours. Maybe they'll fill in the blanks.....



Let's continue the list. 

4. accused of rape (it seems he was innocent)
5. mugged while hitchhiking
6. led to believe his girlfriend was cheating on him
7. younger sister went missing
8. failed year 12 because he was worried about his sister
9. started falling for someone who was not his wife.
10. His wife fell in love with her driving instructor

From what I see on the website, Donovan's dad was on the show after he was. Jason left in 1989. His dad started on the show in 1990. His half-sister started in 1989. So brother and sister might have had some time on the show together.

In 1988, while still a Neighbour's star, Donovan did a TV movie called The Heroes. Oh yeah! I wrote about the sequel the other day. Who was in that? Ah. Simon Burke! Both movies are about World War II.

I guess Donovan did pretty well in the movie. He won himself a Logie.

In 1990, Donovan was in another war movie called Blood Oath. Russel Crowe was in it. IMDb says it was Crowe's first feature film appearance. The movie featured an American...Terry O'Quinn from Lost.

Also in 1990, he did a miniseries called Shadows of the Heart. According to an IMDb user, Donovan played an evil person. The movie is about a doctor who migrates to South Australia. There she has religious-science type conflicts. It sounds interesting.

I'm kind of feeling lost right now. I don't know if I should continue using IMDb or go back to Lord Wiki. I kind of don't have the patience for IMDb.....

Maybe I'll use Lord Wiki, and fill in the blanks with IMDb.

The thing is it's easier to use IMDB when dealing with someone who is primarily an actor, and that's it. But Donovan's singing career seems pretty important as well. I think Lord Wiki will be easier to keep things straight.  Maybe.

When Donovan left Neighbours, he dived into a singing career. His first single was pretty successful. It was called "Nothing Can Divide Us". That's a happy thought, but pretty unrealistic. People are divided all the time.

Here's the song on Youtube.

I don't think I've ever heard the song.

I don't like it.

Maybe I'm too cynical right now. Although I don't think I'd like the song if I was in a good mood either. Sorry.

His second single was "Too Many Broken Hearts". Here's the video. I like the instrumental part in the beginning. After that....not so much.

I don't like the lyrics.

Last night you talked about leaving
I said I can't let you go
It's not just emotional feeling I need you body and soul.
You give me one good reason to leave me
I' ll give you ten good reasons to stay
You're the only one I believe in
I'll be hurt I'll be hurt if you walk away!

I don't like pushy people.

Yeah. I'm a bitch today. What can I say?

The song does have a catchy tune. I'll give it that. I'm sure I'll be singing it all day.

In 1989, Donovan had his first album debut. It was called Ten Good Reasons. And what's his definition of good? That's what I'd like to know.

His next popular single was a cover of a song called "Sealed with a Kiss". Here's the video. Oh! I know this song. I just didn't know the title of it. Here's the original song.

Donovan's version entered the UK charts at #1.   Impressive.

He did a duet with Kylie Minogue. It was called "Especially For You". Lord Wiki says they dated a bit around that time. Did they have any bit of romance during their Neighbour's days?

I don't know much about music, but the style of the song reminds me of Andrew Loyd Weber's Starlight Express. What is that type of music called?

He did a bunch of other popular songs, but I'm too lazy to go over all of them.

In 1991, Donovan started doing Joseph in London. I think we may have seen him. Well, because we were in London in the summer of 1992. And when we were, we saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If you put two and two together, it all adds up.

I'll break away from my bitchiness to say that Donovan did an excellent job in the show.

In 1992, Donovan had some gay problems. First he was labeled as being gay by a British magazine called The Face. He sued. He won. Then he looked somewhat homophobic. People lost their love for him. Donovan tried to regain their love by saying he didn't sue out of greed or homophobia. What he didn't like was being accused of lying to his fans. I guess that makes sense. It might have looked better if he donated the money to some charity or something. Maybe he did?

Lord Wiki says his career never recovered from that drama. He probably should have just shrugged his shoulders and not made such a huge deal about things.

Life got a bit ugly for Donovan after that. He turned to Cocaine. Lord Wiki says he later came to the conclusion that suing the magazine was the worst mistake of his life.

We all make mistakes. And if you own up to it, express regret, and apologize....well, then I say that's pretty decent. EVEN if you're just doing all that to salvage your career.

By 1995, the drug problem was pretty damn severe. He had a seizure in The Viper Room. This is the same place where River Phoenix died of drug-related causes.

It looks like then Donovan went back to acting. He starred in yet another war movie. This one was called The Last Bullet. I wonder if his drug problems were behind him. Did he go to rehab? I'm unclear about that.

In 1996 he did a movie called The Sun, the Moon, and the Star. It was a comedy. That's about all I know. Has anyone seen it?

In 1998, Donovan joined a touring production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He eventually started a relationship with the stage manager. She got pregnant. And I guess she's the one who is his not-quite-legal wife.

Lord Wiki says Donovan has admitted to still using cocaine. No, wait. He was still using cocaine in the late 1990's. But he claims to have stopped after his children were born.

Lord Wiki says Donovan does the voice of Buzz in the Buzz video games. I've never heard of those. Have any of you played them? I wonder if Jack would like it.

In 2004, Donovan did Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That's such a fun thing to say.

He did Sweeney Todd. I wonder if he played the same part that Johnny Depp did.

Lord Wiki totally ignores this fact. But Donovan starred in that TV show with Shane Bourne. MDA. This is that show about medical lawyers.

In 2005, Donovan was in some kind of Virgin Mobile marketing ploy. I can't quite understand it. Let me read it slowly.....

The idea was given that Donovan's phone number had been accidentally released to the public. People would call and get his answering machine with a special message saying he was tired of all the calls. Virgin put all these ads out, asking people to stop pestering one of their customers. If I'm reading this right....later, Virgin admitted it was all a planned thing. Clever...very clever. But kind of bullshit if you ask me.

After breakfast, I'm going to try and find videos of all this stuff I'm talking about. Jack's listening to Disney music in the room right now, so it would be hard to watch videos.

In 2006, Donovan did a reality TV program called I'm a Celebrity....Get Me out of Here. According to Lord Wiki, it's one of those shows where neglected celebrities try to get us to notice them again.

Donovan did fairly well in the show. He came in an at third place. I'm not sure if it fixed his career though. Hopefully, things will get better for the guy.

In 2008, Donovan returned to the soap opera scene with Echo Beach. I feel like I've written about this show before, but I can't find any familar names in the credits. Maybe one of my research victims had a guest appearance or something.

More recently, Donovan has done a stage production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Lord Wiki says Donovan is part of something called Catch the Kanga. I have no idea what that is. If anyone has a clue, please tell me!

I'm getting the idea that Donovan lives in London now. Well, he's doing a radio show there. It's called Sunday Nights with Jason Donovan.

Well, I'm done with Lord Wiki. I'm going to go get me some tea, and Jack some breakfast. Then I'll watch videos, maybe find some interviews, and do other fun stuff.

I'm back. While I was drinking my tea, I noticed a weird lump on the roof of my mouth. I have no idea what that is. Knowing me, it's probably been there my whole life and I just never noticed it before. Really, how often do you rub your tongue up against the roof of your mouth? Well, now I'm actually doing it constantly.

Here's Donovan singing "Any Dream Will Do" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

I totally LOVE this song. I listened to it in college all the time.

My favorite line is, Far far away someone was weeping, but the world was sleeping.

That line could be the theme of my life.

I also love this line, May I return to the beginning. The light is dimming and the dream is too.

It makes me cry.

Donovan does good with the Joseph stuff.

Here's the Joseph Mega-Remix song. I love this as well. If I'm remembering correctly, they do this song at the very end of the musical. It's really great.

I think Joseph is my favorite of all the musicals I've seen. Well, live musicals, at least.  I can't say I like it better than The Sound of Music. Nothing can beat Captain Von Trapp.

Here's a video about the Virgin thing. I think it's like a mini-documentary.

Okay. That was actually a little funny.

Here's Donovan doing a performance from Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Maybe this is his way of making up for suing the magazine. He does a pretty good job in this. At least I think so.

My personal opinion is that Donovan is best when he's doing theater.

Here's a whole website dedicated to Donovan.

Starting on November 25, he's going to be in a tour called War of the Worlds. Is that a musical? A concert? I'm confused.

Well, here's a website about it. And now I'm reading what Lord Wiki has to say about it. It started out as an album...people talking and singing about War of the Worlds. Then eventually it was turned into a live performance thing.

Donovan's site has his biography. I'll see if Lord Wiki missed anything.

In his youth, Donovan's career dream was becoming Batman. I don't think he meant PLAYING Batman. He actually wanted to BE Batman. I'm sorry that didn't work out for him. It would have been pretty awesome. Well, there's still time left. I say he should go for it.

He also wanted to be an airline pilot.

I think Batman would be much more exciting.

He was raised by his dad after his parents split up.

His relationship with Kylie Minogue did begin on Neighbours. It seemed they kept it secret for awhile. Why? I don't know. Maybe they were embarrassed of each other.

I'm joking.

Well, that all wasn't an official website. I guess it was a fan site. I was impressed at first because it mentioned the whole gay drama. I thought it was nice that Donovan was open about it. I wonder what his official site will do.

He has a cute photo collage on his site.

Okay, here is the bio for this one. Yikes. It does mention the gay stuff. Kudos to Donovan for that. The disturbing thing is this is the EXACT same biography from the other site. Someone has played the game of plagiarizing. I'm guessing it's not the official site that's guilty.

OR maybe they're both official sites??

I'm so confused.

Yeah. You know. I think they're both official sites. So no one is really plagiarizing anyone. That's good.

Here's an interview with Donovan from iVillage.

It's mostly about parenthood. I guess that makes sense coming from iVillage.

He says he still owns the Technicolor coat. That's pretty awesome.

Well, that's about all that interested me in that interview.

I'm going to stop soon. But I did forget to link to videos of Donovan on Neighbours. I actually watched a bunch a week or so ago. I think I had an idea that it was Donovan in the video, but wasn't positive.

Wait. Here's another interview that looks fairly decent. It's about travel.

His favorite childhood holiday spot was Winky Pop and Bells Beach. Winky Pop? How cute is that?

He says traveling with kids is better if you can afford business class. Yeah. We could probably afford business class, but we'd likely have to make some major sacrifices. It's SO expensive. We are fortunately doing business class to Hawaii. That's because we have points, miles, benefits....whatever you call it. We're not so lucky when it comes to flying to Australia. Then we kind of just have to suffer.

Donovan says in Australia they serve coffee in a glass. Is that true? I never noticed. I don't drink coffee. I do drink hot chocolate. I think it's pretty nice when served in a glass.

Anyway, here's Donovan's last scene in Neighbours. There's Guy Pearce! That scene was pretty low key compared to Kate Ritchie's last scene on her soap.

And here's Donovan stopping Minogue from burglary.

That's it for today. Bye bye.


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  3. I was totally IN LOVE with Jason Donovan when I was a teen! Not so much now though...

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  5. Why nobody remember his 3rd album All Around The World?

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