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Josh Lawson

Josh Lawson is the one name I added on July 13. I don't know who he is. Maybe he's related to Henry Lawson? I doubt it.

Well, Lord Wiki says Lawson is an actor. He's young. The first thing I thought of when I saw his birthdate was Oh! Maybe he won't be in that much stuff! Maybe this can be a short post! I'm a bit worn out from doing David Williamson yesterday. I worked on that post from about 9-5...with very little breaks inbetween.

Baby Josh was born on 16 December 1981. That means he recently celebrated his twenty-eighth birthday.

Lawson was born and raised in Brisbane. He attended a Roman Catholic school called St. Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace. Their motto is To Serve God is to Be Wise. I agree. That IS wise....well unless it turns out that there is no god. Then it would be a bit foolish. Worse yet. What if there is a god, and he's really evil? Then how would it be wise to serve him?

Like many Aussie celebrities, Lawson did the NIDA thing (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) Lawson is VERY close in age to Emilie de Ravin, and she did NIDA as well. I wonder if they took classes together.

Lawson enriched his education by also going to Los Angeles. There he worked with various acting groups, including Second City. That's the famous comedy group that originated in Chicago. Their alumni includes Melinda Dillon. We just saw her in A Christmas Story.

Lord Wiki really doesn't have much to say about Lawson. He has a brother that's on Neighbours. It seems Josh Lawson himself is most known for being the host of Wipeout. We watched that a few times while we were in Australia. There's a game on the Wii Fit that reminds me a little bit of it. It's an obstacle course and these big huge things hit you if you don't go fast enough. It's all virtual though, so nothing gets hurt...except your pride.

I'm moving over to IMDb now. And I'm hoping for a short little filmography.

It's not that short. Well, good on him. But it's not so good on me. I want to spend the day playing Wii Fit and Sims 3. I want to read my Sookie Stackhouse book. I HAVE to find out what's the deal between her and Bill.

I did a quick glance of the filmography. Lawson has  been on Thank God You're Here. Maybe that's why I added him to my list. I might have seen him on that. Maybe he's the one who starred in the hilarious firefighter skit. I love that one. That would be good. If I have to spend my time on this guy, it would be nice if he's someone I like.

Let's start at the beginning though. His first screen appearance was in 1997. He did two episodes of The Wayne Manifesto. It's some kind of family comedy. Lord Wiki says it was filmed in Brisbane. I'm guessing Lawson did the appearances while he was a high school kid. Maybe that's what gave him the whole acting bug.

In 1998, Lawson appeared in a TV movie called The Day of the Roses. This was about a big train accident; the Granville Rail Disaster. It happened in 1977. Here's a whole website about it....the accident, not the movie. It looks like it was an incredibly awful thing.  Basically, a train crashed into a bridge. Eighty-three people died.

I'm looking at Google Maps. Granville is near Parramatta.

I'm going to skip TV shows in which Lawson was in only one episode. So, what would be next then.....

He did TWO episodes of Home and Away in 2004. He played Felix Walters. That's a cute name.

Two years after that, Lawson did five episodes of Blue Heelers. I've heard of that show before, but I don't know what it's about. Oh, okay. It's a police show. Lawson played a guy named David Murray. Lord Wiki says that Murray was a lawyer who had a relationship with one of the characters. Interesting.

Also in 2006, Lawson appeared in that Mick Molloy movie....BoyTown.

I'm seeing that Lawson did a few movie shorts. I've been kind of skipping over those, mostly because I'm feeling lazy. But I'm going to mention the 2007 one because I can watch it on YouTube. It's called $quid. It was adapted into a feature length film in 2009. I'll look more into that later.

Oh! I though the short movie thing was a bit boring, but now something very exciting is happening.

Or maybe not. I'm not finding myself very entertained by this movie. Maybe it's just my mood. Who knows.

Lawson did thirteen episodes of Sea Patrol.

Josh Lawson is singing in the $quid movie....or maybe lip-syncing. I can't tell, but the song is cute. My guess is that really is him singing.

Back to Sea Patrol. Lawson played Able Seamen Toby 'Chefo' Jones. Oh! Lord Wiki says the show is still on. I didn't realize that. Lawson's bit was over in 2007 though. I wonder what happened to his character.

Ah, here we go. Here's a whole page about his character on the Sea Patrol site. He was a cook who loved to eat. He had lots of friends. He was a control freak and had high standards for food hygiene. Good! I wish more chefs had that. I'm so scared of food poisoning. I'm talking about him in past tense because he's no longer on the show. But I don't see anything about him dying.

I love what the site says here. Also, like many a good chef, his customers seem determined to break his heart. He wants to lift their standards, he wants to give them quality, and all that the hard-working, hard-playing young crew members wants is quantity. They want steak and potatoes, not warm beef salads. Cute. I'm assuming that Lawson provided some of the comic relief for the show.

In 2007 (the same year he did Sea Patrol), Lawson starred in six episodes of a short-lived comedy called The Librarians. This ABC site talks about the show. The plot involves a strict Catholic librarian being forced to hire her former best friend as the children's librarian. The catch is the former best friend is now a drug dealer. Fun.

YouTube has some scenes from the show. I'm going to watch one.

Crap. My YouTube is majorly hiccuping. I hate that.

In 2008, Lawson was in some kind of TV program called Spaced. I'm a bit lost about what it is. I'm trying to figure that out. From what I'm seeing on IMDb, it may have been an American show modeled after a British show.

Okay. Yeah. I'm looking at Google. Apparently there was a lot of controversy regarding the remake. One of the creators of the original British show is a guy that Tim likes....Simon Pegg. Pegg himself has a editorial type thing about his feelings regarding the remake. He's not happy because he wasn't consulted about the new show. He had unfortunately signed his rights away at an earlier date. I don't blame him for being resentful and angry. I would feel that way too. Pegg says, My main problem with the notion of a Spaced remake is the sheer lack of respect that Granada/ Wonderland/Warner Bros have displayed in respectively selling out and appropriating our ideas without even letting us know. He goes onto say that despite this, the American show is parading Pegg's name around...exploiting his popularity. That's a bit disgusting, if you ask me.

In 2009, there was the full-length $quid thing. Here's the trailer. It might be good, or it might be awful. I can't really tell.

Also in 2009, Lawson did an American TV thing called Waiting to Die. I thought it would be a drama, but IMDb says it's a comedy. I'm googling to find out more. So far, I've gotten that it was a pilot for CBS. This website says it's about two simple guys who are happy with their lives. Wow. Exciting. I'm guessing it was a failure.

From 2007 until 2009, Lawson has appeared in ten episodes of something called Chandon Pictures. I MAY have some part of this before. It's a comedy about movie producer people. Here's a clip from it. Okay, that was funny. I really laughed out loud at that one.

I'm gonna watch another clip....

I preferred the first one.

Lawson has some upcoming movie stuff. One is an American thriller called Crave. Edward Furlong is one of his co-stars. The tagline is a broken heart leaves a trail of blood. Yikes.

He's going to be in a TV movie biography of Bob Hawke. Lawson's not playing Hawke. He's playing a guy named Grant Nihill. This website says Nihill was Hawke's former press secretary.

Okay that was all (or most of) Lawson's stuff where he played someone else. Then we have the IMDb list of stuff where he appeared as himself. I'm not going to go over all of that. Let's just stick to highlights. For me, that would be Wipeout and Thank God You're Here.

This is funny. Lord Wiki says that Wipeout was originally an American show. I didn't hear of it until we were in Australia. Later I saw that there was an American version, but I didn't suspect that the American one had been first. The American one was on from 1988 to 1989. Then the Australian one was on from 1999-2000. Then there was yet another Australian one in 2009. I didn't realize that version was so new. When we watched it, it had been only a week or so old. I'm not seeing anything about a new American version of the show. I could have sworn there was one. Maybe I dreamed it.

Never mind. I found it. The new American version appeared in 2008.

Here's a clip from the Aussie show. Lawson appears at about :51.

While that plays in the background, I'm going to try and find some interviews.

Here's something from a site called The Blurb. Lawson wrote some plays. It was three shorts with the collective title, Plays: By Himself. They were performed at the Old Fitzroy Theater in Woolloomooloo.

Lawson's acting career began at the age of nine...not in high school as I had earlier suspected. He had been inspired by a classmate who was doing commercials. I wonder how that classmate's career is going.

In high school, he began writing. Lawson believes writing and acting often go together. Many good actors are also good writers. I agree with that. I think most artists are multi-talented. But I talked about this before in an earlier post. I won't ramble about it again.

He talks about his comedic heroes. Simon Pegg is one of them. I wonder how he felt about doing a remake of Pegg's show, and the fact that Pegg wasn't happy about it.

His other heroes include Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and David Spade....all Americans. I wonder which Australian comedians he likes. I do like all those American ones. They're classics. Well, maybe not David Spade. But I like him anyway.

It turns out Lawson IS the guy who starred in the firefighting skit of Thank God You're Here. I love that one.

I'm going through Google right now, looking for more stuff. Here's an article about something on IMDb I ignored. Lawson is due to be in a TV show with Alyssa Milano. It's called Romantically Challenged. An American casting director person describes Lawson as being a cross between Matthew Perry and Robin Williams. Yeah. I can kind of see that.

Lawson seems to go back and forth between American and Australia projects. I wonder where he lives.

Anyway, that's it from me for now.

P.S-If anyone is interested, I have photos from our road trip up on our homeschooling blog.

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