Friday, January 22, 2010

The Desire To Prove My Innocence

Last night I dreamed.....

We're in Australia. It seems that our trip is soon coming to an end. I find a free Australian newspaper....I guess one of those local papers. Of course me being me, I'm all excited and grateful for it. It's Australia-related. Right?

But then I start feeling a bit overwhelmed. Australia is such a huge thing to be obsessed with. I have so much stuff to read already. Should I really keep this newspaper? I have so much other Australian stuff to read at home. Will I actually read it, or will it get stuck in a drawer somewhere? I decide the best plan is to read it now while we're here.

So I do that.

I'm surprised that there's actually a little article about me and my blog. It's a tiny little thing...just a blurb really. There's a picture of me, and the article title is simply "The Girl Who Wished She was Australian." I'm feeling all pleased with myself, and my fifteen minutes of fame. Then I read the article, and realize it's not something to get happy about. The short little article is quite negative....very cynical of me. The main idea of the thing is that I did the blog so I could get free internet service from the Australian government. I'm slightly hurt by the negativity. But what bothers me more is that it's a lie. I don't like people lying about me. I think about sending a letter to the editor to clear up the issue. But then I decide it might be better to just refute the situation on my own blog. I start having doubts though. Tim deals more with our internet service and bills. What if it's true? What if the Australian government DOES help pay for my Internet? I decide I should talk to Tim before denying the charges.