Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guess What!

The first thing I should say is I have mental issues.

I've been wanting to return to blogging, but I couldn't because I made up silly rules about when I could return.

Then a month or so ago, I decided to get back to another type of writing. Novels!

The thing is, if you want to be a novelist in this day and age, you probably need a blog so you can promote your work.

I already had a blog, but I had this rule about not writing in the blog.

So yeah.  Problem there.

This morning I thought, maybe I can return to my blog.  I'll flip a coin and see if it's meant to be. I didn't flip real coins.  I flipped virtual coins on   (I think that website is actually an enabler for my mental issues).

I flipped Australian coins, of course. Heads meant I can return to blog, and tails meant I could not. I got tails.

No blogging. I was disappointed.

Hours later I felt compelled to break my own rules. So here I am.

Now that I think of it though, I should have had it reversed. Since it's between Queen Elizabeth and kangaroos on the coin, the kangaroos should have been yes. I like the Queen (probably not as much as Menzies did) but I like kangaroos better.  So kangaroos should have carried the answer I wanted.  Not the Queen.  

I can think to myself, I am being a naughty girl and not listening to answers given to me by  Or I can say I read the answers the wrong way.

I have so much to say.  It's a shame I'm wasting it on my mental issues.

So what else?

I'm very much into Home and Away.  I watch at least one episode a day, sometimes two.  I'm watching old episodes though, from 1989.  I really wish I could find other people who are currently watching the old shows.  It's lonely to be watching a show on your own. I want to be able to talk about Donald Fisher and Bobbie....

I love nice Roo, and sometimes get scared she's going to turn back into evil Roo.

I adore....crap, forgot this name.  It's Carly's old boyfriend.

Okay, I had to look it up. Matt!

He's such a nice guy.

I have a thing for nice people.

I have a major thing for people who were once mean and then turned nice—like Roo and Donald Fisher.

Sometimes I like Martin and Lance, though they get on my nerves sometimes.  The guy who plays Lance is now some kind of meditation guru in Los Angeles.  I thought that was interesting.

I also watch Neighbours.  I don't love it as much as Home and Away.  I'm kind of bored by it and divide my attention by playing QuizUp while watching.  Which by the way, I am top of the world in Australia.  I apologize for my bragging.    

A week or so ago, I was actually going to quit watching Neighbours. Then I had a vivid crazy dream about Stefan Dennis.  So I felt it was a sign telling me to get back to watching.

I think there were zombies in the dream.

Or was that another dream?

Later I might have to go back to my dream journal and copy/paste it here.

There was something about him being a pilot...which he is on the show.   

Anyway, I shall talk about my novel now.  Don't worry. I'm not going to beg you to buy it yet.  It's not ready.  I still have to edit.

But there's some Aussie stuff in it.  The funny thing is, I ended up having three expats in the story.   My Aussie character is going to school in Florida. Then I have characters in Sydney, but the point of view character is actually from America.  She's married to an Aussie and lives in Parramatta.

I also had a character living in Halls Gap, but she's sadly on the cutting room floor.  She, though, was actually an Australian living in Australia.

The expat thing can be a wish fulfillment thing.  I wanted to be an expat.  It didn't work out, so I'm living vicariously through my characters.  I think it also allows me some leeway in terms of language.  If I mess up and make the Aussie say something too American, I can use the excuse...well, she's living in America. It makes sense that she's picking up some of our lingo. And though the American lives in Australia, she probably still speaks a bit of American.  Right?  

Other Australian connections in my novel:  I named one of my characters Eugene Ramsey after Ramsey street in Neighbours

I named another character after the Home and Away actress that plays Morag. Cornelia Francis.  I took just the Cornelia, though, and left the Francis. 

I am bursting with so much to say, all of it's pretty trivial. And you're probably thinking....she should have listened to the Queen Elizabeth coins.  


We were really into Desperate Housewives.  It was hard to say good-bye.  Ugly Betty was our rebound show, and the awesome thing is we ended up loving that even more.  In both those shows, Vanessa Williams plays a bitch. And in each show she dates an Australian character played by an actor who's not really Australian.  I thought that was funny.

Or well, maybe they are Australian but not born in Australia.

I'm going to go look that up.

I am very wrong. Charles Mesure played the Aussie in Desperate Housewives.  He was born in England, but moved to Australia when he was 5. So he's definitely Australian.

Then the other actor's Grant Bowler. I just looked him up.  He was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia when he was young.

I think I'm a horrible purist deep in my heart, and I have this belief that if you weren't born in Australia, you're not really Australian.

That's horrible and pathetic, seeing that I wanted to move to Australia and become Australian.

I'm very ashamed that I have this viewpoint, and I definitely need to continue working on changing it.

There was another Kiwi-Australian on Ugly Betty.  Jim Robinson from Neighbours! Alan Dale.   He was on Lost as well.  Lord Wiki seems to be telling me that he did not move to Australia during his childhood.

I heard Modern Family is having an Aussie episode.  We haven't been watching this season but plan to catch up eventually. I think I've mentioned before that noticed Modern Family often makes random Aussie references.  Maybe one of the creators is like me and really obsessed.

Anyway, I shall shut up now.

Tomorrow I might wake up with a blogging hangover and then disappear for many months.

Or maybe I'll be feel happy and confident about blogging and get back into it.

I don't know.

We'll see how I feel in the morning.

I hope all of you are well.  And if you're not well, I hope you get better.... or at least not get worse.  

Oh wait!  One more thing.  I totally forgot.  I have one other thing to brag about.  My blog was mentioned on this website called Junkee.   I think it's the biggest honor my blog has received.  I was so happy but also sad since I wasn't blogging anymore. I never heard of this website, but after they mentioned my blog, I became a fan.  I look at it often.  And I don't just mean the article with the link to my blog.

I've grown to hate bragging, but I'm getting the idea I'll have to do it if I ever want to be a writer who actually makes real money.  

Hopefully I won't become one of those people who do it excessively.  I've been on Twitter and have lost some respect for certain celebrities I adored because they keep bragging.

Truth be told, I don't have much to brag about, so I probably won't NEED to do it too much.

Maybe I'll balance it with negative stuff about myself.

Here's something: I fart a lot. Jack's making videos and said I could stay in the room with him while he records. But then he nicely asked me to please refrain from farting.

So that's me. I'm a farting girl who knows a lot of Australian trivia and was once mentioned on a very awesome website.

I'll shut up now.  For real.

I may be back tomorrow.   


  1. please don't change your mind about writing a novel. I just know it will be unique. x x

  2. Ann O'Dyne,

    Thank you!

    I've actually already written the novel, so I can't change my mind about that.

    Now I have to decide what to do with it.

    I hope you're doing well!