Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I Think Meyerists Have Some Good Advice For Us

Last night we finished watching The Path.

I'm thinking that the show had some valuable insight about what society should do when we learn horrible things about a leader or creator.

What should happen to our favorite movies and TV shows when it's discovered that one of its primary players is a sexual abuser or racist?

Should we stop watching and purge it from our memory?  Should the show be ripped away from possible viewings? Should the show continue without the perpetrator? 

I think The Path would tell us to do the latter.

Here's what happens on The Path. (Spoiler Warning):

A group of people follow a fringe religion that is known by the outside world as being a cult.  The main characters of the story have been part of this religious community for most of their life. It's the backbone of their existence.

The religion was founded by a man named Steven Meyer (Keir Dullea). After Meyer's death, it is eventually revealed that Meyer stole the ideas for, the religion, from a young patient of his. He stole the ideas and then kicked the woman out of the community. On top of all that, he was a pedaphile who abused a young boy for many years.  

When Eddie Lane (Aaron Paul), the new leader, discovers the truth, he decides that they should be straightforward about their disgusting path. They should own it; purge it; and then move forward.  

They do this, and...I'm not sure what's going to happen next because Hulu canceled The Path.  


But I like to imagine, in the fictional universe, that the Meyerists heal and move forward in wonderful ways.

I know of three TV shows who have taken the same path as the characters in The PathHouse of Cards, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, and Transparent.  

I'm actually not personally affected by this, because I've never watched any of those shows.  I do wonder how it will work out, though. Will the shows remain popular,  or will they lose too much of their audience? Can the shows still remain interesting without their primary star? Is there a chance the show could actually end up being better?

I hope it does work out for all three shows. It's like the universe would be giving a great Fuck You to the abusers.  

It's sad if abuse also leads to the loss of jobs for decent actors, actresses, writers, directors, make-up artists, set directors, etc.

It's sad if fictional characters are put on permanent pause and pushed to be forgotten. 

So I think continuing the shows without the shitheads could be the best solution.

As for the latest mess.

What if instead of canceling Roseanne they continue it and rename it The Connors?

They shouldn't kill off Roseanne because that would make her a martyr.

What if instead she walks out on her family and hooks up with another Trump supporter?

Maybe she can end up doing illegal and immoral things; then go to prison.   

Ruin the character of Roseanne but let the other characters live on.  

Oh, and have all the other members of the Connor family because passionate members of the anti-Trump resistance. That would be cool.