Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sunday Update

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is very cold and snowy here in Texas.

I ended up watching a lot of the last two days of impeachment. I was glued to the TV some of the time...which, for me, translates to-when is this going to get less riveting?  Because I really have to pee. 

My wish came true. More than six Republican Senators voted guilty.  These brave men and women are GOP rather than GQP.  They are deserving of the elephant mascot. 

I know some people are unhappy that witnesses weren't called. I'm not one of those people.  I think enough evidence and persuasion was presented. And all of that was hardly even needed since the members of the jury were actually VICTIMS of the event.  

No matter how many witnesses were brought forth, no matter how much evidence...even if Donald Trump got on the stand and said Yes! I wanted them to kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi! I lied about the election, so I could stay in power. If you acquit, I'm going to run again, and the first thing I will do as President is start a nuclear war,  the Republicans would still vote not guilty.  

So anyway...some other random thoughts about the impeachment:

1. I loved Joe Neguse's speech. He tried so hard to appeal to the Republican Senators' better natures. Even though I had very strong doubts that there'd be more than a small handful of brave Republican Senators, I hoped to be wrong, and a teeny tiny part of me believed that I might be. Neguse failed to reach the Republicans' better nature, but he did succeed somewhat in reaching mine. He made me let go of some of my pessimism about whether bad people can change and become one of the good guys.  

2. I loved Raskin's speeches. Though Tim and I joked about his overuse of the fire analogy.  

3. Tim and I also joked that Bruce Castor and Michael van de Veen are the same person.  Tim confused the two, and I corrected him. But I admitted  that the only reason I knew van de Veen was a different lawyer is that I noticed his name posted on CNN.  And when I had seen van de Veen instead of Castor, I had been really confused. I kind of thought CNN had made a mistake and put the wrong name up. 

Our theory is that it's one guy playing two parts.  When he's in a friendly, dopey mood he puts on the Castor costume. When he's in an angry, manipulative mood he puts on the van de Veen costume.

4. I liked Chuck Schumer's speech at the end. I forgot what he said, exactly. It was along the lines of that although Trump was not convicted, he will be convicted by the American people. He will be convicted throughout history.   


Trump will be convicted in elementary school social studies books.

He will be convicted in future Broadway musicals.

He will be convicted in movies.

He will be convicted in Emmy nominated miniseries  

He will be convicted in novels and autobiographies.

He will be convicted in college history courses....around the world.

And the same goes for some of the prominent GQP Senators that voted Not Guilty.  

5. The Mitch McConnell speech was incredibly bizarre. I kept waiting for the punchline and wondering...did he say the wrong words when it was time to vote and then not realize he had messed it up?   

And yeah. The punchline came eventually. McConnell had felt compelled to vote not guilty.  Because in order for him to vote guilty, the impeachment trial would have had to begin before January 20.  And who refused to bring the Senate back to do that?  
I really hope that Biden and the Democratic Senators and Representatives stop trying to compromise and have unity with people like McConnell.  I hope they fight hard against him.  

It's hard, though. I get that. 

I want to stand strong against selfish, manipulative people who make me jump through hoops. But instead I usually end up going out of my way to try to please them.   


Onto Coronation Street...

 So, Abi (Sally Carman) and Ray (Mark Frost) meet for a secret meeting behind the Rovers.  

Credit goes to Abi for refusing to meet in an even more secluded location.  

At the Rovers, Ray acts like he's open to giving into Abi's blackmail demands. They argue over whether Abi should delete the incriminating video first or if Ray should turn himself into the police first.  Then Abi starts getting woozy. Oh no! 

So Abi was smart enough to not meet in a super secluded location but not smart enough to be weary of her drink.  

The episode ends with her collapsing while struggling to do something with her phone.

Not only did it seem like Abi's noble plan was foiled but also since Abi is a former junkie, it would be assumed she's gone back to the drugs again.  

But then....

In the next episode, it turns out that Abi managed to to send out the incriminating video to ALL of her contacts.  

The feelings I got from that development is like the opposite to the feeling you get when the car stopped for Chunk in The Goonies.   

I have Goonies on my mind, because last night Tim watched the trailer for Finding Ohana. I looked at IMDb and saw Ke Huy Quan is one of the stars. And...the movie is a reimagining of Goonies. We're going to watch that tonight.

We're done with Broadchurch. I'm a little sad to be saying goodbye...wish there'd be more seasons. But on the other hand, I'm kind of glad to be getting out of that town.  Murder. Rape. And that scary suicide cliff.....

I finally finished listening to the Imagineering Podcast about family memories and have just begun listening to his podcast about The Carousel of Progress. I'm excited...and excited to listen to others. Though with the rate I'm going, it might take decades for me to go through with them all.

Back to Abi and her miracle.  How does one manage to send something to everyone in their contacts. I think I've seen that before in TV shows. Actually...the first example that came to my mind was Coronation Street. At a teen party, a sexting video was quickly sent to everyone at the party.  Is there a button on UK phones that allows you to send to everyone at a party? that I think of it, there is that drop file thing. 

But that wasn't the case with Abi. She sent it to people who weren't in her vicinity.  

Is there an option on phones where you can send a video or photo to everyone on your contacts with a quick push of one button?

Last night I started editing my fourth TV pilot screenplay...the one about dreams. I was feeling really happy and excited about it.  It might have just been my mood. Who knows if I'll like it today.

Anyway, I started thinking maybe I should, for now on, send only that one out to contests.

What I told myself before is that I'm going to stand strong and not give up on screenwriting if I don't place anywhere in the contests. But I planned on giving up (at least temporarily) on those specific pilot screenplays.  What I wonder, though is if I'll end up questioning things....I might imagine well, maybe I sent out all the wrong pilots to the wrong contests.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining things right.

I'm just wondering if it's best to put most of my eggs in one screenwriting basket. Then if that one fails all the contests, I can still have my other pilots for next year's contests.  

On the other hand, what if I'm totally wrong, and it's the other pilots that are more likely to win?

What I've done with most of the contests I've entered so far is use to decide which screenplay to enter.   

I'm thinking of alternating...definitely enter the dream pilot in the next contest; then with the contest after that, use might choose the dream screenplay again...or not.  

And then...repeat.

I'm not sure how many contests I will enter.

I'm kind of plunging in this year.  Investing and gambling on myself.

If I lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose, etc....But I still have the courage to get back up again, if I do more contests, I'll probably be a lot more conservative regarding how many contests I enter.  

One thing for sure is I have to get better at keeping notes about what and where I've entered. 

I wanted to be really careful about keeping track of things.  Yet in the center of my notes is The Dead are Online Version A...and there is no contest attached.  I don't know if I wrote that accidentally or if I entered a mystery contest.  

Well, it wasn't a mystery when I entered (if I entered),

But now it is.  

I have this idea in my head...because I'm disturbed in some ways... that if it's in my destiny to win any contests, it will be as a dead person.  Like it will be my luck to finally have a major writing success, but I will have died from Covid. 

I'm very morbid.

I have more to say about Broadchurch. Regarding the certain character who was stalking another character. He had been secretly in love with her for years, and thousands of photos of her were found on his phone.  Yes, that's disturbing, but I also thought it was nice. If someone doesn't demand anything in return and doesn't seek to cause harm, is that type of stalking really that awful?

Or maybe it doesn't have to be labeled stalking. Maybe we can just call it extreme unrequited love.  

I don't know, though.  Benign extreme unrequited love might be rare. Maybe in most cases, the obsession turns to demands and dangerous actions.   

It would also depend on the nature of the photographs. If you're out in public with the person and happen to get more photos than they're noticing...that's one thing. But if you're hiding behind bushes or spying on them from the windows, that's creepy and invasive.  

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