Monday, October 20, 2008

Am I Tall Enough?

I dreamed about Australia last night.

It was about migration and immigration.

One dream was about a school in Melbourne that accepted some American students.   There are all these qualifications you have to meet.   They prefer that the qualifications come from their list of prestigious American universities--Ivy League, I believe.    But if you didn't go to one of those universities, you still have a chance.  You have to write in and show that your school has been international enough.   You do this by proving that the school's cable TV has a certain amount of foreign language channels.   

 I forgot the exact numbers, but I think there needed to be at least two Jewish channels and at least two Chinese channels.  Then there were other languages as well.

In the dream, I thought about how this is pretty foolish.   You could go to a school with a wide variety of channels and never watch them.  Yet, someone else could go to a school with limited cable--no foreign language channels, and they might have a great interest in language and cultural variety.

I'm not sure what that dream was telling me.   It seems to be a warning against making judgements and assumptions.

The other day I had talked to Tim about the college I went to.  It was in Chattanooga Tennessee.   I think when most of people think of Tennessee they think of white--maybe a little black too.   They probably imagine a  homogeneous population compared to a place like NYC, Sydney, or Los Angeles.
But I talked about how there actually was a significant amount of people from different countries.   I knew people from Australia.   I knew people from the Middle Eastern countries.    I knew Asians and Indians.   There were people from Africa--both black and white.

I'm sure other schools would have had more of an international population--much more mixed.  But I had interest in meeting/knowing people from different countries and I purposely sought them out.

Someone else could go to a school with a much wider variety of students, but stick close to their own ethnic group.   
In the other dream.... we're at a place waiting to be checked to see if we're qualified to immigrate to Australia.   Here it's not about your occupation, how much money you have, and/or whether you could pass a test about Australia.   It's all about height.  Australia wants tall people.   The number given is 66.  (I'm not sure what that meant.   I don't think it was inches.   I think it might have been 6 foot 6 inches)  Tim talks about starting a program to bring more Jews into the country.   I think about how this wouldn't work.    Jews would never be tall enough.   

It comes time for me to be checked and processed.    The woman working there says something like "Your skirt!"

I get nervous, thinking she was going to tell me it's not acceptable.   Instead, she says she likes it.   I feel relieved, but still nervous.   I step on the scale knowing I won't be tall enough, but still hoping they'd accept me anyway.   She tells me my measurement is sixty.   I know that can't be right and she quietly tells me that she lied a little for me.

I feel incredibly grateful but also uncomfortable.   Lying makes me very uncomfortable and I'm also afraid of getting caught.   Wouldn't someone else realize how short I am?

There was another dream that seemed interesting, but it didn't seem related to Australia--at least not directly.

There are these kids fooling around on a farm.   It's like they have trespassed, but at the same time they are trying to help out.   (I don't quite understand it)  A goat drinks some kind of weird water.  The kids seem to try to prevent it, but are unable to.    The cow's milk has a weird blue tinge to it. And then later the cheese the farmers make from the milk has an ugly blue-gray color.   The kids get in trouble--scolded and accused.    But then the tone of the scene changes.   The farmers decide that instead of having the kids be annoying trespassers, they'll officially hire them as students to be trained on the farm.   There's forgiveness and everyone is happy.