Friday, October 31, 2008

Aren't We All Obligated to Have This Post at Some Time?

Okay, I'm going to do a keyword post.

I've seen other people do it and it seems fun.

Plus, I have a busy day tomorrow and won't have enough time to do any research.   So,this way I can post what I wrote today (Thursday) on Saturday.   Then Saturday, hopefully I'll have time to do more research.

Here we go.   Some keywords/phrases people used to find my blog:

1. The thinks she is an Australian Blog.    Okay.  Let me set the record straight.  I don't think I'm Australian.   I WISH I was Australian.   And if Obama wins, maybe I'll be a little more okay with being American.   But I'll still wish I was Australian.  Or at least I'll wish I could LIVE in Australia.  But if I live in Australia, I might as well become an Australian.   I do sometimes imagine I might get hit on a head and come up with some type of delusional amnesia.   Then I might THINK I'm Australian.  But for now, I know what I am.  

2. This actress is known for being from Australia, but was actually born in Hawaii. Who is she?   Nicole Kidman--the actress I saved from murder in my dream.   

3. did huge heffner buy drover's run?   I don't know.   I'd like to know that myself.   I'm way behind on celebrity gossip.   Anyway, I hope he didn't.   Claire McLeod's house should never be turned into a playboy mansion!  That's just too much for me to emotionally handle.

4. Where celebrities live Julian McMahon.   I get a lot of keywords about him.  He must be mighty popular.

5. being safe in Redfern Sydney.   Don't run while eating a piece of hard candy.  You might choke.  That's my first piece of advice.   No seriously.   That's a complicated question with complicated answers.   I've been reading a lot about Redfern lately.   There's a lot of beautiful and wonderful people who live there.   But some of them have it quite rough.  I know life isn't fair.   But I long for the day when it can be a little MORE fair.   Is that too much to wish for?

6. how ngunnawal people might eat a bogong moth.   Is there a special way of eating it?  Like an Oreo?  Tim Tam?  Or Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?   Did I ever tell you guys about the boy in the hot tub at Port Stephens?  The kid took like twenty minutes to eat a Tim Tam.  I was so impressed.  I eat way too fast.   I wish I could eat slow like that.

7. julian mcmahon at club, restaurant.   I hope it was a fun club.   Personally, I don't think any club is that much fun.   I'm not into all that dancing, loud music, and drinking.   To me the only fun club is Girl Scouts.

8. Arthur Philip nude.   This might be the best one.   I'm guessing maybe it was another Arthur Phillip. They did spell his name wrong.  I had been spelling his name wrong when I first started writing about him.  Maybe I had missed correcting one of them?

I do find myself somewhat attracted to Phillip, but I'm not sure it's the kind of attraction where I want to see him naked.

9. Famous People Born in Canberra.   I still haven't had much luck finding anyone.   BUT there are important people who live there now.  Example: Kevin Rudd.   I think he's lovely.   I probably don't want to see him naked though.

10. What do Australians think of Julian McMahon?   Maybe I shall do a survey next time I'm in Australia.   I like him a lot, but I don't like Nip/Tuck.   But I'm American so I guess my opinion doesn't count here.   Now if I hit my head and think I'm Australian, maybe I shall count.   Well, at least in MY mind I will. 

11.  Rachel Carpani nude.  I have to say that this surprises me less than the Arthur Phillip one.  Shockingly, I haven't had any people looking for Julian McMahon nude.

I sort of miss McLeod's Daughters.   We've been watching Eli Stone instead.  That's good,  but it seems to be a little less good than it was last season.

12. What do Americans know about Australia's past?   Interesting question.   I guess the average American would just think about the convict stuff.  Actually, the average American probably thinks Australia is Austria.   And I don't think that helps because they don't know much about Austria either.   Well, that is if you don't include what we know from the Sound of Music.

Nothing comes from nothing.  Nothing ever could.  But somewhere in my youth or childhood.  I must have done something good.

Christopher Plummer is so sexy.   Doesn't anyone want to see HIM naked??   

13. british view about pemulwoy.   They stole his skull.   Does that say enough?

14.  Julian McMahon guest appearances 2009.  Wow, they really plan ahead.  It's like stores that start selling Christmas decorations in August.   Last year, around September Tim picked up the gingerbread house kit they sold at Costco.  His plan was for us to save it for December.   Jack didn't want to wait.  

We figured we're Jewish and there's no need to follow Christian customs.  So we built a gingerbread house in Autumn.

That's about it for now.  

I hope the Australians had a good time avoiding the American custom of trick-or-treating.

I hope the Americans don't eat too much high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated fats.

I hope those of you in the other countries have a lovely day.  

Seriously.   The truth?

I love all of you who are reading this.    So....thank you.