Sunday, October 12, 2008

Australian Receipts

I was just cleaning out my backpack.  I still have all these Australian things in my wallet:

A) A business card from our hotel
B) An Aqua Club membership card (for the aquarium)
C) a 5 dollar note
D) a receipt for the Taronga Zoo
E) a receipt for the used bookstore in Manly

I have cleaned out my backpack a few times since getting back from Australia last January.  But I never remove these things.  I guess I feel better carrying them with me.  

The thing about the receipts is they're both very faded.   I can hardly read what they say anymore.   I have to do some major squinting.    I started thinking how none of my American receipts are faded like that.   I find them years later and they're still readable.   Then I also remembered that when we were in Australia, we bought a membership to Wildlife World and the aquarium.    They couldn't give us a card right away, so both places gave us a receipt.   We would show them the receipt every time we went there.  Well, by the end of our visit, one of the receipts was extremely faded.   You could hardly read any of the information anywhere.   I just figured that maybe it got worn out in my wallet or something.  But now I think maybe there's something more to it.

Does Australia use some kind of special printing on their receipts--something that would MAKE it fade after a period of time?   I'm thinking maybe it's some kind of security measure???  Maybe it's a way to protect against identity theft?

This government website mentions receipts fading but doesn't mention it as happening on purpose.  

Also, maybe I'm just not noticing my American receipts fading.   I did have several Disney World receipts in my backpack.   They weren't faded.

Okay....I'm now looking at a Chuck E. Cheese receipt from August 20th.  Most of it is dark, but there are a few faded words.   So American receipts DO fade.  Also, one of the memberships receipts in Australia didn't fade.   It could be a matter of the type of paper it's printed on and where it's lying in my wallet or backpack.

Who knows?

What I do know is this is probably the dumbest post I have ever written in my blog.