Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ordering Food

Jack and I ordered some Australian food from Simply Australian which is a company in America where you can get Aussie food.

We've ordered from them once or twice before.

The website has a list of links, including this which reminded me of Being John Malcovich.

We ordered:

1. Tim Tams original
2. Tim Tams chewy caramel.   (we chose those because they were on sale)
3. Shapes Variety pack (We like Shapes!  We had the variety pack when we were in Sydney)
4. Vegemite.  (I'm going to attempt once again to like it)
5. Milo (I've heard this mentioned in books so wanted to try it.   I'm doubting it tastes much different from our malt that we have here.   But maybe it is.  Who knows.
6. Raspberry Bullets (love those!!!)
7. Licorice Roly Poly's (because they were out of the licorice bullets that I love so much)

I had a bit of a paranoid moment because I remembered reading that Australia was recalling some food because of the China Melamine thing.    I remembered reading something about Cadbury, but we checked and the only thing recalled was Cadbury Eclairs.

Still, we didn't get any Cadbury stuff.   Not because I'm still paranoid!!!!   It's just we have enough chocolate already.