Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ordering Food

Jack and I ordered some Australian food from Simply Australian which is a company in America where you can get Aussie food.

We've ordered from them once or twice before.

The website has a list of links, including this which reminded me of Being John Malcovich.

We ordered:

1. Tim Tams original
2. Tim Tams chewy caramel.   (we chose those because they were on sale)
3. Shapes Variety pack (We like Shapes!  We had the variety pack when we were in Sydney)
4. Vegemite.  (I'm going to attempt once again to like it)
5. Milo (I've heard this mentioned in books so wanted to try it.   I'm doubting it tastes much different from our malt that we have here.   But maybe it is.  Who knows.
6. Raspberry Bullets (love those!!!)
7. Licorice Roly Poly's (because they were out of the licorice bullets that I love so much)

I had a bit of a paranoid moment because I remembered reading that Australia was recalling some food because of the China Melamine thing.    I remembered reading something about Cadbury, but we checked and the only thing recalled was Cadbury Eclairs.

Still, we didn't get any Cadbury stuff.   Not because I'm still paranoid!!!!   It's just we have enough chocolate already.


  1. Milo is the best - either stirred in with cold milk or use it to make a hot chocolate. DELICIOUS.

    Vegemite: on toast, lots of butter and just a little vegemite scraped on top is the best way to approach it :)

  2. the incognitrix,

    Milo sounds yummy.

    As for Vegemite, I did that last time we bought it. I put a VERY small amount on. I didn't love it, but didn't dislike it either.

    What happened though is one day I tried mixing it with something. I think cheese? It grossed me out for some reason and after that I couldn't even open the jar of Vegemite without feeling a little bit nauseated.

    BUT....that was almost a year ago. I think I'd be over it by now. Plus, a month or so ago, I actually had a craving for Vegemite.

    We'll see what happens......

  3. Yes, Vegemite-lore is the great litmus test of Australian-ness. Those initiated into its secrets know that it's powerful medicine and can cause mouth ulceration if you eat too much of it. Most people can only tolerate its acerbic flavour if it is smeared on as a light film over butter or margarine. It can be a good complement to a cheese slice laid over it but it doesn't mix well with many things. In fact, apart from cheese I can't think of anything. Most Americans, on first encounter with it, lay it on like axle-grease and suffer for their impertinence. It's one of those things that, if you're habituated to it from childhood, you take for granted. An adult tasting yeast extract for the first time has a lifetime of conditioning to overcome. The woman who voices Bart Simpson and featured in Herman's Head (no, I can't remember her name)appeared on a TV programme hosted by Andrew Denton on the Seven network many moons ago and produced a small airline-meal plastic tub of it and made a wisecrack to Denton that it must be for putting on engines (as in lubricant). He didn't say it, but I would have responded that it's actually obtained by scraping it off engines!

    I'll correct what I said about First Australians: It's on SBS, not ABC and you may be able to order the DVD's from their merchandise outlet. I saw an episode of it last night and it thoroughly depressed me. I think all whitefellas here should watch it; it might straighten out some crackpot ideas some people have. On the other hand, it's an exasperation to see the repetitive thwarting of hopes.

  4. Retarius,

    I tried it with cheese once and didn't like it. Maybe it was the wrong cheese!!

    I did the whole little-bit thing. I often wondered how little is little. I imagined having an Australian person watch me put it on top of the butter and I always pictured them saying "Well, we didn't mean THAT little."

    I kind of think a little goes a long way--especially if you're not used to it.

    LOL about the Simpsons girl. Speaking of....The Simpsons was awful tonight. Sorry, that's totally off subject.

    I didn't notice your SBS/ABC mistake. The only thing about the DVDs is I think the format is different here I wonder if they'll make it for our DVD machiens as well. Probably?

    I wish more people would watch the programs.

    Someone sent me some info about what's going on in Redfern and how hard it is for the Aborigines. It sound SO much like America with the African Americans and Native Americans. It's like our countries are mirrors of each other in that regard.

    We (the white people) complain about too many immigrants coming in. How can we protect our borders! Yet, we were immigrants once too and not so nice about it.

    Here, there's a T-Shirt sold at street fairs and stuff. It says something like "Homeland Security and some 1800 year on it." Then there's a picture of a Native American.

  5. cherryblossom24,

    I'm almost always hungry!