Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Plans

I think I'm going to start researching and writing about our different days in Australia.

We have thirty-two days there total, but this includes our arrival and departure day.  

Then four days are travel days--driving around New South Wales and flying to Tasmania.  I'm sure we'll do things on those days, but I don't really want to plan anything.   We'll just kind of see how long it takes us to drive.   We'll get lost, find out way, check in, unpack, and if there's daylight left, we'll go do something spontaneous and fun.

I'm leaving it up to my Tasmanian friend to figure out what we'll be doing there, so I won't write about that.   But maybe I'll research her city--history and all that.  That'll be fun.  

I think we'll leave one or two days for exploring the area near our hotel--well, basically the CBD.   We can go to the museums, visit the Opera House, say hi to the bats in the Royal Botanical Gardens, etc.

So, I'll just be writing about the days left over.

Oh yeah, I'll also subtract the days on the South Coast when we're just hanging out at the beach.  

To be safe (just in case I'm interesting enough to have a stalker) I'm not going to talk about on what date we're going to do what.   Also, Tim suggested I not do this anyway so we can stay flexible.  I hope to get together with friends while we're there so we're going to have to work around schedules.

I don't want to sit there and say "No, we can' t go to the zoo with you on the 20th.   That's the day we're going to Glebe and I'm not changing it!"